“Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” —Josh Billings

For the past several years, my health and wellness has become so important to me. However, I haven’t been on my A-game.

While in self-isolation, during a time such as this where public, private, and apartment gyms are closed, I’ve learned that having some home gym equipment is necessary to add some variety to my workouts.

In today’s article, I’m sharing my tried and true workout essentials along with affordable home gym equipment that’s on my wish list.Affordable Home Gym Equipment For Effective Workouts | She Sweats Diamonds - APL sneakers

I know some of us are limited with finances right now, but know that there’s always free resources out there to help you with whatever you need.

That said, here are my favorite workouts to do at home for little to no cost:


Alexia is quite possibly my favorite fitness instructor! Her workouts look easy, but burn so good. She provides so much free valuable content on her Instagram account. And currently, she’s been sharing her sweat sessions using household items as home gym equipment so if you don’t have real equipment, no problem! Alexia’s got you!


I adore Lauren! She’s been sharing daily workouts for over a month now. And let me tell you, it’s SO doable! By the end of each session, it didn’t even feel like I was working out…until the next day, that is, ha! No weights are needed, she targets certain areas of the body (full body included) and her workouts are saved on her highlights on a weekly basis (i.e. Week 1, Week 2, etc.) for you to refer back to.

By the way, her three-year-old son, Evan, is SO adorable! He joins in on her workouts from time to time and it’s so cute to watch!


I must say, if you don’t know Kayla, you’ve been living under a rock! Founder of the BBG program, she’s all about using your body weight to get your sweat on. I promise you, from personal experience, you will have results!

If you’re looking to include weights, Kelsey Wells heads that up in their SWEAT app so it’ll fit your needs.


Fitness Blender was one of the first brands I’ve used when it comes to online fitness. If I’m bored, I’ll switch to Kelli and Daniel’s workouts. My favorite? This total body strength workout!

If you’re looking for workouts for beginners, I think (and hope) my recommendations above are perfect for you! Remember, you can always modify any sets to fit any health-related limitations you may have.

If you have an at-home gym, what are your must-haves for home gym equipment essentials?

Let me know in the comments if I’m missing out on anything!


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  • Lisa Autumn
    April 30, 2020

    YES YES YES! I totally needed this! Thank you girl x

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    • Huong
      May 1, 2020

      No problem, love! x

  • Rachel
    April 28, 2020

    Great ideas for my future place! Something I never thought about are on my Pinterest boards for sure and great gift ideas now too 😉😉 Yeah, I guess it is true, you don’t realize the things you need or don’t need until crazy things like this happen in the world. I have for sure come to love Carbon38 products because of you. Such great quality items that truly last!

    • Huong
      April 29, 2020

      So glad I could give you some ideas, Rachie! Yeah, I haven’t shopped much during this weird time myself. I think it’s half saving my money and half having no desire, you know? Yes, Carbon38 is my go-to for workout clothes! x