To make your life easier, I created this page for reference and will add and update it often. Thanks so much for your interest!


My absolute favorite influencers are:

Ali Gordon

If I could describe Ali in one word, it would be: TALENTED. He’s my favorite men’s fashion blogger! Ali has great style, an eye for composition and is SO incredible at video. Seriously, his brand campaigns are amazing. Check out Ali’s work. Oh and he and Lydia Elise Millen are very much #CoupleGoals too!

Audrey Leighton

Words cannot describe how amazing Audrey is, you guys! Not only is she an amazing writer, she’s a talented business woman! Her curations and own designs for her brand, Audrey Leighton Vintage, is impeccable!

The Beauty Look Book

Sabrina is a beauty blogger who specializes in reviewing mid to high-end products. She’s extremely thorough in her reviews and I find that I reference her posts quite often. If you tend to look before you buy, chances are, the product you’re looking for is already on her blog.

Fashioned Chic

Although I don’t wear heels all the time, Erica’s wardrobe is totally what I’d want in my closet! If edgy and sleek with a feminine touch is your style, don’t waste anymore of your time. Hit that follow button! You won’t regret it!


Victoria is one of my newest girl crushes! I absolutely adore her integrity and commitment to value, quality content and to the environment. Next to Lydia, she’s my next favorite European influencer! Her campaign video ads are next level!

Leonie Hanne

The queen of TikTok videos and Instagram reels reigns my heart! I love how happy Leonie always is and not just about fashion, but everything in life. I don’t like wearing much color, but I love seeing her style colorful outfits!

Lydia Elise Millen

My ultimate girl crush! This woman works SO hard and it’s extremely evident! I love that she’s an “all-around” influencer. From the outside, she has classy, sophisticated style and on the inside, she’s funny, silly, appreciative and so genuine. She loves the heck out of life and that’s what I love most about her! If you’re looking for aspirational content, she’s THE one.

M Loves M

Mara is one of my favorite bloggers who’s so grounded. She’s such a wonderful mom to her son, Augustine (I feel like I’m his aunt!) and new baby girl, Corinna, wife and friend. If you’re looking for feminine style inspiration, healthy recipes, and great family content, she’s your girl! I consider her one of my good blogging friends too!

Marianna Hewitt

I can’t say enough about Marianna. She’s a major boss babe! It’s been so fun to watch her grow her blog/brand! She and her friend, Lauren (she’s awesome too! Total mom goals, btw) launched an incredibly successful indie beauty brand, Summer Fridays. If you haven’t tried out their jet lag mask yet, you are missing out!

Megan Runion

This girl. It’s been so fun to watch Megan’s personal and home style evolve over the years. If you’re looking for neutral, feminine and classic style inspiration, she’s your woman! Her home Instagram account is to die for if you’re into French Farmhouse.

Megan is so genuine and sweet too! I love that she knows what’s important in life (i.e. supporting others, being present with loved ones, etc.) and proves that by always taking the time to respond to my DMs and comments.


This woman. Mary is HILARIOUS and the great thing is, she doesn’t have to try hard to be funny, haha! If you love dresses, you’ll love her #30DressesIn30Days series!

The Teacher Diva

A fellow Dallas blogger, Ashley is a former teacher who has great laid back style. She’s one of the few who has responded to my emails and messages when I sought some blogging advice. If that doesn’t speak to who she is as a person, I don’t know what does.

Thirteen Thoughts

Paula is a very thoughtful blogger who creates content around beauty, personal growth, and blogging itself. She provides so much value in terms of beauty, inside and out.


Annabelle is goals if your style is extra, but in a totally glamorous way. She’s a huge fan of accessorizing and does it impeccably. She’s one of my favorites when it comes to style and travel.

Here are other blogs I love to read: 

Chic Pursuit (fashion and blogging tips), Color & Chic (fashion and beauty), Jess Devine (fashion and beauty), Fashion Jackson (fashion, beauty and travel), Kayture (fashion and music), Not Jess Fashion (fashion and lifestyle), Retro Flame (fashion, beauty and lifestyle), and Union Shore (design). 

My favorite apps to edit my photos with are: Canva, Color Splash, Preview, PS Express (Photoshop), Retouch, and Snapseed.

All of the photos that are taken of me or by me on this blog and my social media platforms are from my iPhone 11 Plus. I’m currently re-learning the functions of a camera.

My top three pieces of advice for you is:

1) Just start! If you’re waiting for the perfect time, you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life. And you’ll never be ready anyway so why not give it a go? No regrets!

2) Don’t sell your soul for a paycheck. It’s okay to say no to a brand even when you have a small following. Stay true to yourself and your brand and you will succeed!

3) Most importantly, talk about your passions and blog to inspire and serve others. Think about who you are creating content for and go from there. If you’re chasing money, I’d rethink your reason(s) if I were you.

I’ve also written several blog posts about this topic if you need more help. From what you need to know before starting your blog to how to balance blogging with a full-time job to social media dos and don’ts!

You can comb through blogging resources I’ve found, leave a comment on any of my business tips posts or email me too!

The SSD name represents sweating diamonds when it comes to working hard on anything from taking care of your body to building and growing a blog or business.

The journey of becoming a diamond is all about knowing that there are ups and downs to life, but not succumbing to the pressures that we face. Instead, we need to face our “downs” head on, work hard through our struggles and stay focused to overcome our obstacles.

And to me, that kind of mentality and work ethic warrants the “sweats diamonds” phrase.

Oh and what gem is sought after more than rubies (Proverbs 31)?



Here’s the long version of how the She Sweats Diamonds name was born.


Absolutely! I promise I don’t bite so feel free to email me at: hello@shesweatsdiamonds.com any time!

For all inquiries regarding PR gifting, sponsorships, collaborations and/or event invitations, please contact me at: hello@shesweatsdiamonds.com

Health & Wellness

I do! To make sure my body gets everything it needs, I get a customized-to-my-needs subscription box of USANA supplements every month. I’ve been taking these vitamins religiously every morning and night for the last six years and will NEVER give up them.

They’re SO good and I mean that because my sleep quality has improved and my energy levels stay up without the crash. I can also work out harder and even train to run (which I didn’t think was possible with my knee problems) for future races.

If you’re on the market for vitamins, here’s my advice on what you need to look for when choosing supplements. If you have any questions about USANA vitamins or want to buy some, contact me (subject line: USANA) and I’ll get you a discount!

I used to be in great shape until I was in a car accident several years ago. It doesn’t look like it from my pictures, but I have ended up gaining a lot weight that I’ve been struggling to release.

Before the pandemic, I worked out at least three times a week. I did weighted HIIT circuits, ran, and practiced yoga as well. I hope to be incorporating Alexia Clark‘s program into my fitness routine soon and plan to take some fun classes here and there to keep things from becoming too boring when every goes back to a new normal. My plan is to have one to two rest days a week.

In terms of food, I don’t have a set diet (ugh, I hate that word) in place. I’m very aware of what I eat (good and bad) and don’t deprive myself.

If you’re interested, I write updates about my health journey twice a year to help myself stay on track.


I’ve been 5′ 3″ all my adult life until a nurse who took my blood told me that I’m 5’ 4″. Needless to say, I was in shock so I asked her to check again thinking it was user error (as if her height rod on the scale was wrong too). I still don’t know whether or not I should believe that information, but I’m going to go with 5′ 4″ because I’ll take all the height I can get!

I’m Vietnamese, Chinese, and French. I had no clue of my background because found out about the Chinese and French side of me the week my dad died in April 2008.

My parents are originally from Vietnam, but I was born and raised in Dallas, TX and am a proud Vietnamese-American!

Style & Beauty


Face — At night, I like to keep things simple. I start with taking off the top layer with a cleansing balm, then I cleanse again, swipe on some toner, eye cream, and depending on my mood, an overnight mask or a moisturizer in the form of a face oil, cream, or serum.

For day, I wash my face with water to take off product from the night before and put on vitamin c, sunscreen, moisturizer, then my makeup.

Body — I love to use this body brush dry to increase blood circulation before showering. I love this body wash, this shampoo, this hair mask. And I also have my eye on this stunning razor.


I prefer my makeup to be light and natural. Currently, I love using By Terry’s CC serum (in Sunny Flash), Chantecaille’s cream blush, liquid lipstick (in shade Sell Out), eyeshadow (in ABC Gum), and liquid eyeliner (in shade Little Black Dress).

I got my hair is naturally thick and wavy from my dad, but I’m such a slacker on getting it trimmed every eight weeks like I’m supposed to. My stylist gets on to me about it, haha!

Oh man. That’s a loaded question, haha! I’ll answer in categories to keep things short!

Fashion Brands

ACNE Studios, Balmain, Bulgari, Cartier, CHANEL, Chloe, Dior, Finders Keepers, Jonathan Simkhai, Karen Millen, Louis Vuitton, Manolo Blahnik, Marchesa, Prada, Reiss, Threefloor, Valentino, YSL, Zac Posen, and Zimmermann

Health Brands

Alo Yoga, APL, Carbon 38, CORE, DURT, Envoi, Heroine Sport, Nike, No Ka’Oi, P.E. Nation, USANA, and Varley

Beauty Brands

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Aerin, Armani Beauty, BeautyBio, By Terry, CHANEL, Charlotte Tilbury, Dior, Farmacy, Fresh, Jo Malone, La Mer, MAC, Marc Jacobs, NARS, Skinceuticals, Summer Fridays, Tatcha, Tom Ford, Too Faced, Urban Decay, YSL, and ZO Skin Health

Favorite Places to Shop

Anthropologie, Blue Mercury, Club Monaco, Intermix, Net-A-Porter, Nordstrom, The Outnet, Sephora, Shopbop, Target, and Revolve

Most of the time, my style is edgy with feminine touches, but honestly, I base my outfits on who I feel like being in the moment. If I want to be extra girly, a floaty dress and wedges are my jam. If I want an edgy look, you bet there will be some black involved!

My choice in style varies depending on my mood  and who I want to channel at the moment.

I prefer classic clothing over trends and almost always gravitate towards neutrals. My inspiration really comes from everything and everyone I surround myself with.

One day, it can be my favorite bloggers or old photos of my mom’s outfits and the next, a piece of art I’ve came across. The possibilities of fashion is endless and that’s what I love about it. It’s ever-changing and that means that there will never be a box I have to stay in because my personal style will evolve as I age.