Hey loves!
I’m so happy you’re here! I’m Huong [pronounced as ‘Wong’] and I’m a multi-passionate creative and founder of Dallas-based lifestyle blog, She Sweats Diamonds. I’m also a paper-cut survivor, an amateur runner, a terrible plant mom, and a nerd.

Feel free to talk nerdy to me when it comes to luxury fashion, beauty, lifestyle, books, leadership, entrepreneurship, superheroes, and intentional living. I also love Jesus Christ, learning, traveling, storytelling, the arts, pizza, pandas, puppies, and fall. And let’s not forget, I love commentating on celebrity fashion during the MET Gala and am always open to hearing about a good conspiracy theory.

Whether it’s spoken or written, words have a lasting impact on life.

The power of our words has the ability to hurt, heal, love, entertain, and add value. Once I discovered the ability to help others through writing (anyone remember Xanga and MySpace?), I never looked back.

I hope my words push you to stay the course, encourage you to keep growing, and/or inspire you to truly live your best life because you deserve to live one full of love, joy, and meaning — intentionally.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure called life!


  1. I’m Vietnamese, Chinese, and French. I found out about the latter two after my daddy died.
  2. What I wanted to be growing up: tornado chaser, meteorologist, dancer, interior designer, in that order.
  3. I’m a former dancer and the biggest crowd I’ve ever danced in front of was 14,000 people. While I miss this time of my life very much, I’m happy to have experienced it. I can attribute that dance helped take my confidence to new levels.
  4. One of my favorite things to do is to teach others what I’ve learned. I feel most confident when I’m training someone. To see people understand something and see a boost in their confidence is so gratifying!
  5. I’m an ambivert. While I’m a huge people person, I also like my “me time” to recharge as well. I’m my best self in smaller groups rather than large gatherings.
  6. I very much have a champagne taste on a beer budget when it comes to shopping. #QueenOfSales
  7. My top love languages are acts of service and quality time.
  8. I do not do well with small talk. I prefer and enjoy deep conversations.
  9. My dream when I’m old and grey is to have a coffee and flower shop. I mean, how fun is it to pick up a cup of coffee and a fresh bouquet of flowers at the same time?!
  10. I love luxury fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, and look forward to the day I can share a life of adventure with my future husband. At the moment, I just need his tracking number.

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MOST INSPIRING TRIP: An 18-day cruise to the Mediterranean with my best friends. If I had known what the ROI would be in now, I would’ve bought a Chanel bag (or two) while I was in Europe!

SECRET TALENT: I can write a lot…A LOT.

DREAM VACATION: A long food crawl in Japan with my mom 

GUILTY PLEASURE: Binging on my favorite shows: Alone, Avatar, Frasier, Hoarders, I Love Lucy, and Midsomer Murders

SALTY OR SWEET? Salty, almost every time.

GO-TO DRINK OF CHOICE: Sparkling water with lemon

GO-TO FOOD OF CHOICE: Healthy: steak salad // Unhealthy: Pastaaa

FAVORITE PERSON IN THE BIBLE: Hands down, (King) David.


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website! I hope you stick around. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you!