Hey loves!
I’m so happy you’re here! I’m Huong [pronounced as ‘Wong’] and I’m a multi-passionate creative and founder of Dallas-based lifestyle blog, She Sweats Diamonds. I’m also a paper-cut survivor, a runner in training, a terrible plant mom, and a nerd.

Feel free to talk nerdy to me when it comes to luxury fashion, beauty, lifestyle, books, leadership, entrepreneurship, superheroes, and intentional living. I also love Jesus Christ, learning, traveling, storytelling, the arts, pizza, pandas, puppies, and fall. And let’s not forget, I love commentating on celebrity fashion during the MET Gala and am always open to hearing about a good conspiracy theory.

Whether it’s spoken or written, words have a lasting impact on life.

The power of our words has the ability to hurt, heal, love, entertain, and add value. Once I discovered the ability to help others through writing (anyone remember Xanga and MySpace?), I never looked back.

I hope my words push you to stay the course, encourage you to keep growing, and/or inspire you to truly live your best life because you deserve to live one full of love, joy, and meaning — intentionally.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure called life!