The magic Christmas never ends, and it’s greatest gifts are family and friends. —Unknown

And just like that, Christmas is over. The holiday window displays, twinkling lights, music, and treats are gone.

As sad as I am, I’m the type who puts away holiday decorations a few days after New Year’s. For me, it’s all about starting the new year with a fresh and clean slate.

I’m pretty sure that by the time you read this article, my holiday decor is probably put away already if no Christmas storage boxes were broken that is, ha!

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Speaking of, here are my tips on how to get organized after the holidays:


I love lists. Lists are what gives me life and keep me on track. I often find myself buying notebooks so I can keep my thoughts, ideas, and list all in one place.

As you’re putting away decorations, take notes. If something breaks or needs to be replaced, add it to your list for next year! Moreover, when you have a list of what you need to replace, you can shop early to avoid items selling out. You can also start jotting down small notes as you’re thinking of ideas for the next season.


Organize from the beginning. I cannot tell you how important it is to get ahead on organizing! Whether it’s making checklists of to-dos to keep organized yourself or physically organizing your things, save precious time!

I love that there are inventions such as a nutcracker storage box! Not that I have any (yet!), but I think it’s so nice to keep everything of one category in one place.


As you put away your holiday decorations, don’t be afraid to purge your things or donate them.

The fewer things you have, the more you can enjoy the things you do have. And if you do find some decorations you love that are finally on sale, you’ll have room for them!

I personally love doing this because if I’m going to move, I won’t have to double purge.


Cardboard boxes are okay for holiday decor storage, but they do not last long. For me, I do not like this method of storage as it brings unwanted pests/bugs. However, it’s okay for a temporary solution, but you want to invest in some good, sturdy storage.

The below items are what I recommend. I have my eye on the double wreath storage bag and gift wrap organizer. I own two of the ornament storage boxes from past seasons. It’s pricy, but it’s so sturdy and kept my ornaments organized and protected.


The holidays should not be a stressful time. You should look back and be thankful for the memories instead of the stress. No sense in worrying. The mess will always be there and clean-up will always have to happen, but memories are for a lifetime.

Speaking of, throughout the year, gather a list of recipes you enjoyed that you want to make next Christmas. That way, you can add someone else’s family tradition and their history will live on with yours. I guarantee you that your loved ones will be happy to share…unless it’s a huge family secret, ha!

How do you get organized after the holidays?


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