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One of my biggest dreams when I have a home is to have a home gym filled with luxury workout equipment.

And if you guys know me, you know I am all about aesthetics. Moreover, I’m also all about champagne taste on a beer budget.

Several years ago, I realized that I needed some home gym equipment because all I had was a resistance band from college. Embarrassing, I know.

That said, I set out to find stylish gym equipment. And my word, were some of my finds stunning!

I was also not shocked as the prices were insanely high due to demand and aesthetics. I mean, some of my finds were high-end gym equipment you’d see in hotels.

Because one of the major ways I prefer to spend my money is to save until I can buy what I want, I waited. And boy, did my two-year wait help me win and win big!

Beautiful Luxury Workout Equipment Brands - She Sweats Diamonds - Huong Vo - Kenko 4lb weight set walnut

That said, I thought I’d write a fun article today, share some of my wins, and highlight some of the best workout equipment in terms of aesthetics.

Here are some of my favorite and stunning luxury workout equipment brands!


The most affordable luxury gym equipment brands on this list are Blogilates by Cassey Ho, founder of Blogilates. These gold weights are so pretty if you’re into a girlie aesthetic.


These luxury dumbbells are so SO stunning. I can imagine them in a hotel gym on a tropical island somewhere!


Equipt is such a good workout equipment brand by Kodi Kitchen Berg! Her Ubarre comes in many colorways and also doubles as home decor. Win-win!


These wooden minimalist dumbbells have been on my wishlist since they first came out. I finally nabbed them and a jump rope (which is on sale!) on super sale during the holidays. My heart is so happy!


If you prefer to work out alone, but need some structure, I find that Mirror, a smart fitness mirror, may need to be added to your list of high-tech gym equipment to invest in. Talk about the star of the high-end home gym!


I found Modest Vintage Player on Instagram recently and this is such a beautiful lifestyle brand! If you’re looking for beautiful neutral boxing gloves, these are a stunning addition to your collection!


Once you see Pent Fitness, you know they are a luxury gym equipment brand! If they are a part of high-end hotel gyms, why not look to them for some inspiration if you want a luxury home gym design?


These extremely boujee gold hand weights are a stunning addition to any luxury home gym! That is, if you have an extra couple thousand laying around, ha!

Owning beautiful luxury workout equipment isn’t impossible if you’re willing to wait (for a sale or meet your savings goal). For me, as I’m slowly building and investing in gym equipment, it’s about the thrill of the hunt!

To my surprise, some gym equipment I’ve linked below are from Etsy. E-T-S-Y! Moreover, owning beautiful gym equipment and supporting a small business is very satisfying!

What’s your favorite luxury workout equipment brand?


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