Workout Clothes That Make You WANT to Work Out


Workout Clothes That Make You WANT to Work Out | She Sweats Diamonds - APL - Heroine Sport - lululemon

Sports Bra (old, from lululemon Warehouse sale last year; love these white sports bras though!) | Mesh Leggings (this style is from two years ago) | Mesh Sneakers (quite possibly my fave athletic shoe brand!)

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! As you know, I’ve been struggling with my health lately. Some days, I feel like I killed my workout and on other days, I feel like I struggle to get through it. At one point, part of me felt like my performance wasn’t me, it was my workout clothes. I know this sounds crazy, but maybe it’s my fashion side that’s bleeding into the health part of my life.

So a question kept looming in my mind, “Is it possible that my sweat sessions would be more effective if I wore workout clothes that makes me feel good?”

So, I asked my Fitness Ambassadors friends, “Do you feel that wearing workout clothes you love affects the way YOU work out? Like, do certain pieces you own make you want to get your sweat session in or are gym clothes not that important to you and you still get your exercise in anyway?”

Here are their thoughts on the effects of wearing their fitkits and what some of them had to say: 

Amy: “For me, if I love what I am wearing, I’m going to rock whatever I’m doing. If it’s a piece I never reach for and I’m wearing it, I’m probably not feeling my workout and it’s not going to be a great one.”

Mai Lyn: “I like feeling good in what I wear. I used to be fine with a ratty T and some baggy shorts, but I find how I feel in what I wear walking in makes a difference.”

Chandler: “I’m a firm believer that the way you dress for anything affects how you perform!”

Ariana:  “It makes me feel like a boss. I feel my best during a workout when I know (yoga pants for example) my clothes are going to stay in place (priority number one). Quality material is really important to me, because my clothes will last for a lot longer, comfort level and sweat wicking.”

Yet, on the flipside, Rae says, ” I don’t care what I’m wearing. I care how I feel.”

Ashley said something similar too, “For me, it’s all about whether it enables the movement I need. I go to a crossfit gym, so restrictive shorts or even leggings for some workouts are a no-go.”

For me personally, I feel like I have to feel amazing before I hit the gym. On days when I’m wearing my favorite gear, I leave it all on the floor and feel like I’ve maximized my workouts. On days where I wear my back up clothes, I feel like I’m going through the motions and don’t give it 110%. I’m not doing this on purpose, but looking back at my sweat sessions, it makes a lot sense.

Just this week, I decided to take control and change my progress. How I’m going to do this is by going through all of my workout clothes and seeing what I feel and look good in. I mean, I feel like it wasn’t until several years ago that workout clothes for women became cooler. No offense to anyone who likes “cute” workout gear, but I’m not a big fan of bright neon colors or hippie/boho prints.

I’m more of an edgy with a feminine touch kind of girl so when it comes to workout clothes, I look for:


Sexy yet feminine touches of mesh shows hints of skin if it’s sewed into the right spots. The leggings above are from Heroine Sport. The mesh begins right below the grey part you see!

Interesting cuts

This is mostly for sports bras and tops. If I feel like the bra itself cuts into my armpits, I’m out. If it’s too plain, I don’t like it either. The cut has to be interesting enough to warrant a conversation! That’s how you know your fitkit will speak for itself, ha!

Unique design/details

Is there a mix of metallics? Is it a moto style? Crochet details without looking like I’m headed to the beach? If it’s loose and billowy, do I look cozy and comfy? And most of all, do I have to adjust said clothes? If I have to adjust, I’m out. No one has time to keep adjust their gym clothes during a sweat session!

Since I’m all about look good and feel good gym clothes (and gear) and love the athleisure trend, I thought I’d share some items that are currently on my radar below!

I hope you enjoyed my picks and getting a glimpse of my athleisure style! If you’re looking for affordable activewear, check out the C9 Champion line at Target (I have several bras from their line and love them!) or Cotton On

How do you feel about stylish workout clothes?

Or are you just someone who just sees workout clothes as something you need to get your sweat on?