Why I Have Not Promoted the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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Less stuff. More meaning.

Today’s article was going to be about my fun (and super hot) trip to Waco. It was going to be about my relay triathlon.

However, I decided to switch gears for a moment.

With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opening to the public tomorrow, I wanted to share what was on my heart.

Last week, I shared my first post about the “Superbowl of Sales” with you.

As you can see from that post, it was not sponsored. I was not paid nor was I gifted product to promote the sale. I talked about it because I like Nordstrom and shopping with them. One thing I was also clear about was that I wasn’t going to be talking about the sale much. Why?

To be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with promoting this sale as a blogger.

Why I Have Not Promoted the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - She Sweats Diamonds - black Kate Spade dress - Sustainable Fashion Blogger

I mean, in years past, I’ve had a problem promoting this annual sale. I felt overwhelmed as #NSale was flooding my feed. And while there is nothing wrong with sharing what we’re buying, I felt like so many bloggers were ruining the sale not just for me, but for consumers. This is why I’ve only talked about it for the last two years.

After thinking about this long and hard, I decided to not promote the sale anymore this year. Here’s why:


    I was going to share a post about my haul and give you my reviews in tomorrow’s post. However, as I’m writing this, I have yet to receive my order I placed last Friday morning when the sale opened to cardmembers. And to me, I feel like I cannot talk about a promotion or tell you about products I’ve yet to see in person. I will NEVER tell you to “Swipe Up!” on a product I have not seen in person, purchased or already own.


    If you Google it, it won’t take long to see many Nordstrom customers expressing their anger and disappointment all over social media. With canceled orders, out-of-stock items, and their website not updated, why would I promote a brand that keeps failing? I feel like their team’s “we appreciate your feedback and will share it with our teams” response is just a PR line to keep the fire from spreading before the sale goes public. I mean, this isn’t their first rodeo. And obviously, they haven’t learned their lesson.


    I’m serious about this. With so many bloggers talking about this sale, I understand why you would feel the need to shop. I get it. Feeling left out does have an effect, but I want you to know that there are plenty of bloggers who aren’t talking about or shopping the #NSale. And there are plenty of other places to get some retail therapy.


    As a sustainable fashion blogger, I want you to buy what you need. Instead of buying everything, why not buy one or two pairs of boots and a few cardigans in different lengths to rotate through the season? Please, check your closet and see what you need. Don’t buy on impulse. And remember quality over quantity.


    As my blog grows and as I grow, I want to veer away from promoting sales like this. My goal is to team up with brands to tell you stories. Whether it’s stories about the brand itself or a new product launch, I want to work on actual campaigns because I love being a storyteller, sending out positive messages, and just contributing for the greater good.

I hope you understand why I’m choosing not to promote this sale much anymore. This doesn’t mean I won’t purchase from the sale, but I just don’t feel confident in talking about a sale that I’m not very excited about. Until Nordstrom changes their ways, I can’t back their brand, especially this over-hyped promotion.

Consider this the last “blog post” you’ll see from me regarding the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

And if you’re interested, check out Megan’s post about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and tell me we’re not on the same page…

  • Kitty
    July 18, 2019

    Thank you! As an international reader who can’t shop at most of your American retailers – online or otherwise (The taxes! The shipping fees!), I am sick of hearing about this sale. It’s jamming up my feed and it’s just useless. I love a post where you talk about a type of item, and link to one you own (and maybe some variants you like for petites/talls/budget etc.) That I can work with as inspiration, because I get your “why you like it”. These sale posts are just soulless space fillers.

    • Huong
      July 22, 2019

      Thank you so much for your feedback, Kitty! I agree. I get sick of hearing about it too much less posting about it. Thank you for sharing what you want to see. I’ll definitely work on this myself. Are there items you want to see styled in various ways? It can be anything you want. I’d love to get your input! x