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Surprise! You get a bonus outfit post on the eve of Christmas Weekend! Well, aren’t you guys the luckiest ducks?

I thought it’d be fun to share with y’all what I wore to my first-ever ballet show, give you a glimpse of some after-the-show shenanigans with my friends (we’re big kids at heart) and let you in on some pretty good weekend sales!

When Katie over at Avant Chamber Ballet reached out to me and asked if I’d like to attend a ballet show and bring some of my friends.

I totally agreed for three reasons.
What I Wore to the Ballet + Weekend Sales | She Sweats Diamonds

First, I have never been to a ballet before, especially one at Christmas.

What I Wore to the Ballet | She Sweats DiamondsSecond, as a former dancer, I wanted to nerd out, haha! And lastly, I wanted my friends to experience the world of dance with me!

What I Wore to the Ballet | She Sweats DiamondsRachie, me, Kimmy and Tori during intermission! We had to stand up because we were sitting for awhile and wanted to stretch our legs. I mean, why not use that as an opportunity for a selfie?

What I Wore to the Ballet | She Sweats DiamondsAnd thus, an after-the-show selfie with Christmas lights behind us!

What I Wore to the Ballet | She Sweats DiamondsAnd since Rach had the camera, she just kept clicking away.

What I Wore to the Ballet | She Sweats DiamondsOh and apparently, after a “planned” silly photo, Tori keeps making different faces until the camera stops clicking, haha! She said that it’s her personal selfie rules, lol!

What I Wore to the Ballet | She Sweats Diamonds

I hadn’t planned on taking an outfit photo, but Rachie wanted me to since all the lights were so pretty. Definitely couldn’t deny that, haha! We tried to wait awhile as a blogger was doing her own shoot.

Well, she was taking forever and Rachie was dying, haha! So Tori and Kimmy got to witness my fashion blogging shoots in-person. They were shocked at how fast Rachel and I were and made me laugh so much!

In the end, I’m happy Rachie made me take photos of what I wore to the ballet! Rachie is that good. We make a great team, haha! Sorry for the blurry night photos, but gotta make do with what you got, right? I can’t imagine what my photos will look like once I get my awesome camera for blogging and vlogging!

What I Wore to the Ballet | She Sweats DiamondsJust an up-close of my makeup from the evening! With the exception of this eyeshadow palette, all my makeup is linked below!

What I Wore to the Ballet | She Sweats Diamonds

Now, about what I wore to the ballet…

My dress is old, but I found this Dakota dress and Ellen dress from Alamour the Label that are stunninggg options! My bad is old as well, but this woven box clutch is affordable and comes with a chain.

Now, onto more fun stuff for you! Here are some awesome weekend sales that are already here or are coming…FAST!

Take advantage and don’t be like me where Christmas snuck up on you and you’re scrambling last minute! In my defense, I actually thought I had two weeks left. Start a gift closet NOW and thank me later!

Here are some weekend sales: 


Offer: Up to 70% off sale; limited time only and no code necessary!

Not going to lie. I’m going to get myself another pair of APLs . Yeah, that’ll motivate me to keep working out, haha! Side note, my exact APL sneakers are marked down even further! Hurry, there’s only a few sizes left!


Offer: Extra 15% off (no code necessary); promotion ends December 24th

How about some beautiful booties as a gift for yourself a job for well done this Christmas season?


Offer: Extra 50% off with code WRAPITUP; promotion ends December 22nd

Hardcore eyeing this star sweater! Don’t be surprised if it shows up in an outfit post in the future!


Offer: Extra 30% off with code LATEBIRD; promotion ends December 24th

Golden Goose-inspired sneakers, but for $130 rather than $400+? Yes, please!


Offer: Up to 30% off select items with code EXTRATREAT; promotion ends January 3rd 

A sleek wallet that will fit into the smallest crossbody bags. The rose gold color is perfect for all year round!


Offer: Up to 70% off; limited time only and no code necessary!

A super soft faux fur blanket for the gift closet or since winter is coming or both!


Offer: Extra 60% off; limited time only and no code necessary!

Beautiful stone and brass bookends for the bookworm in your life? Just under $60/set, these will look extremely expensive on anybody’s bookcase. You’ll get brownie points for sure!


Offer: Up to 75% off select items; limited time only and no code necessary! 

Marble cheese board with cheese knives for the hostess in your life? 

Happy Friday and Christmas Weekend! 

A big thanks to Katie over at Avant Chamber Ballet for gifting tickets to her A Ballet Christmas Carol show! As always, thank you for supporting my partnerships! 


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