What Does Power Really Look Like?

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When I think about who I’ve become, sometimes, it overwhelms me. The young, timid Huong would’ve never believed the more independent, bold Huong if she said, “You’re going to grow up to be a strong woman.”

Recently, I experienced something quite unique. I was in a business discussion with several people. I’m not going to talk about the vibes too much. Let’s just say, the overall tone was harsh and some people felt better after they got their fill of throwing their weight around.

First of all, I never understood why people have to exert their power to show “how mighty” they are or at least feel powerful. When I was growing up, one of the things one of my family members hated was when my mom wouldn’t respond to them during an argument. 

Later, I asked my mom why she didn’t stand up for herself. She said that one doesn’t need to raise their voices to be heard. And she also said that we can get our points across without yelling at others. Point well-taken, mom.

Later on, another party told me, “People tend to throw their weight around when they feel threatened by someone else. And that person felt the need to show their power because you’re a powerful and independent woman.”

Secondly, I was floored. Me? A powerful woman? Independent, yes. But powerful? I hadn’t never given that or the whole “this person feels threatened by you” any thought.

Naturally, when I saw the title of this article in a magazine awhile back, it made me think. What does power look like in a woman to me?


When a woman has power, she’s confident not just in herself, but who she is. And you can see it radiating off of her.

Servant Leadership

She has a heart for helping others. Being a servant leader means giving your time to someone else who needs your guidance.

Adventurous spirit

She is open-minded not just in conversations, but experiences. Trust me, if it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, she’ll try it at least once.

Attitude of Gratitude

A woman of power is constantly counting her blessings. She finds the platinum silver lining to every situation.

Positive Mindset

Being in a constant positive state is somewhat of a super power. A woman who lives positively is a force to be reckoned with. 

Constant Growth

The desire to learn will always be a trait in a powerful woman. She knows that the key to happiness is growth and contribution.

Respectful Demeanor

She treats everyone with respect. Their age, skin color, career title or experiences doesn’t intimidate her. And no one is “beneath” her.

Intentionally Unmasked

A powerful woman doesn’t need to wear a mask to hide her insecurities. Pretending to be someone else just isn’t in her cards.

Acknowledgment of Her Lack of Knowledge

A woman with power knows that she doesn’t know everything. She also knows that a know-it-all is not attractive in the least bit.

Assumptions Are Not An Option

A smart and powerful woman does not assume nor jump to conclusions. She asks questions to gain understanding and get the full picture.

A woman with power is not throwing her weight around to intimidate others. If a woman is doesn’t her way, the way she responds shows me if she’s a powerful woman or not.

Moreover, real power is someone who can command attention from others without trying very hard. They do it from the heart and sometimes, without even realizing it.

What does power really look like to you?

This is what power looks like to me. I strive to be this kind of powerful and inspiring woman.