Valentine’s Day Gift Guide…For Myself

Valentine's Day Gift Guide...For Myself - She Sweats Diamonds - Marysia Swim -LIVELY bralette - Ranavat - Tom Ford - Calpak - Diptyque - Kendra Scott - Beneath Your Mask Scrub

Let me be real with you for a second. I don’t like Valentine’s Day. Yes, I’m a girly girl, but I haven’t liked Valentine’s for as long as I can remember. I know. I may be one of the few girls who isn’t into this holiday. Well, just like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, every single blogger is talking about a gift guide for your significant other or Galentine’s gift ideas. 

What about us single peeps? What are we? Chopped liver? As a fellow blogger and single lady, I’ll save you the pain of constant reminders of your current relationship status by being a narcissist just for today’s post, haha!

Well, you know what? Today’s post is about gift ideas for, you guessed it… myself. Not for your mom (sorry, mama!), sisters or girlfriends. Me. I seriously sound so full of myself (lol), but then again, this post is about me so I’ll just keep pretending to be an insufferable narcissist.

Last year, I wrote a Galentine’s Day gift guide post. This year, since I’m still single, I just wanted to love myself by writing about what I would give myself. I mean, I am awesome and all. I’m celebrating being in a long-term relationship with me, myself and I, so yeah, I’m going to spoil away!

Everything in this Valentine’s Day gift guide is what I’d pick for myself. And yes, most of this stuff is in blush/nude pink because why wouldn’t I give myself things in my favorite color? Oh and everything is under $200 because I’m on a budget, but don’t want to look like a stingy gift giver either.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller 

Considering I don’t have plans for the big day, you bet I’m going to pamper myself with this face roller. I’ll just gift this to myself, stick it in the fridge and roll it on my face while I watch some of my favorite re-runs. Oh, there’s probably going to be some pizza involved too. What? You didn’t think I’d be snacking on celery for Valentine’s Day, did you?

One-piece Scalloped Swimsuit 

I already have her Venice bikini, which I got a great deal on from their end-of-season sale last year. However, with this one being 60% off, this is how I love myself…by saving money on a cute luxe swimsuit!

Beneath Your Mask Polish Detoxifying Body Scrub 

I met Dana, the founder of Beneath Your Mask last fall and loved her story and products. And you know what? I can’t help, but want to use her scrub to feel that much better about myself. Yep, add that to my day of pampering.

Drop Earrings in Blush Pearl 

Because I’m a Kendra Scott collector, why not add to my addiction-er collection? Yeah. Collection is totally what I meant. C-O-L-L-E-C-T-I-O-N. As a result to fueling to my own addiction, this just means I’m a fancy jewelry collector. 

Tom Ford Nail Polish in Sugar Dune 

If you’ve been around SSD, you’d know that I love nude/pink polishes. After Sabrina’s neutral nail polish post, I’ve decided to treat myself with this lovely neutral shade from Tom Ford because I’m a princess and princesses deserve cute manicures. And yes, even if the manicures are done by this Asian herself, it’s still well-deserved.

Geo Lace Bralette 

What Valentine’s Day gift guide would be complete without intimate apparel? If you’re single, please know that to support oneself is to support your girls. That’s right. Love your girls by treating them right. For me, what’s better than a bralette that feels like you’re not even wearing a bra(lette)? 

Spa Slippers 

I blame Lydia for this. I have these soft house slippers (currently 40% off with few sizes left if you feel inclined to treat yourself), but as the weather is warming up, my feet need to breathe, so why not have a cute pair of house slippers to walk around the house around in?

RANAVAT BOTANICS Eternal Reign Detoxifying Masque

I met Michelle the same day I met Dana too. Let me tell you, based on her products, she knows the meaning of beauty. For me, Valentine’s Day pampering wouldn’t be without a detoxifying mask. Most of all, I know my skin will thank me profusely later, ha!

Diptyque Rose Delight Candle 

Gotta set the mood for dinner-for-one with a lovely, expensive, yet pretty candle, right? Hey, I’m treating myself like the queen I am…while in a comfy robe and slippers, of course. And yes, candles complete any Valentine’s Day gift guide. However, if you don’t believe me, check out what other bloggers are suggesting.

Calpak Rose Gold Carry On 

So, if I happen to plan a trip for myself in the future, what’s traveling like without a carry on in my favorite shade? You know what love is? Not having to figure out which piece of luggage is yours at baggage claim. Just sayin’.

And that’s all folks! I sincerely hope you enjoyed my attempt at poking fun of myself with this Valentine’s Day gift guide post! 

Tell me, if you’re single, what would be on your Valentine’s Day gift guide to yourself?


On a serious note ladies, if you’re single, please don’t beat yourself up just because everyone around you is getting engaged, married or in a relationship. Your time will come. I promise. There are perks to being single.

No shame in being single. Better to be single with no drama and doing your thing than to have a “in a relationship” status and be in a drama-filled mess, am I right?

Anyway, I’ll be taking a break from posting tomorrow so I hope you all have a great weekend! See you on Monday!