Disconnecting from our technology to reconnect with ourselves is absolutely essential for wisdom.  ― Ariana Huffington

A short and sweet article for a short and sweet week! Let’s end the week on a positive note and much-needed topic.

Let’s talk about unplugging from technology!

A few months ago, I talked about my 90 Day Hiatus Facebook experiment.

Long story short, it was the best thing I could do for myself.

How to Unplug From Technology Painlessly | She Sweats DiamondsIf you’re struggling with this, don’t worry. There is hope!

Here are three tips to unplug from technology painlessly:

  1. Set a “cutoff” time. After setting a cutoff time, you’ll get yourself into the habit to unplug. On top of that, you’ll learn to manage your time you’ve regained and train others to respect your time too. For example, I don’t respond to emails or DMs after 7pm.
  2. Put your phone on airplane mode for five minutes and go about your business. That’s right. I said five minutes. Baby steps. I did this one time and was sitting on the couch when it hit me. I had forgotten that I had my phone in airplane mode! Yep, it was hours later when I realized it, haha!
  3. Download an app that will force you to stay off your phone. Forest is a great app if you want to turn your phone addiction into a game. Whenever you want to get in the zone and stay focused, set a time and go. If you leave the app, to check your phone, your tree will die. In the end, you win by being more productive and your forest will grow! Win-win! Think of it as a cross between Tamagachi (remember when we had to keep those things alive all day?!) and FarmVille, haha!

Taking a break from social media doesn’t have to be just for the weekends.

Try to limit it in the evenings or on vacations. You’d be surprised at how good it feels!

It’s so important to be in the moment. Take a quick snap if you must, but get back in the moment and live it. You can always post pictures/videos later!

Try it out this weekend for a little bit and let me know how it goes!

What do you do when it comes to having to unplug from technology?

Do you have a hard time disconnecting? Stay tuned for a fun weekend post tomorrow because I’ll be doing a super fun giveaway with Tone It Up! and Core Water!



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