“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.” —Andy Rooney

Christmas is less than two weeks away and if you’re like me, you might still have some a lot of shopping left.

I hope you’ve been able to slow down and soak up the holidays lately. I know I’ve enjoyed it more so this year.

Apart from that, I hope you’ve been enjoying my gift guides this year because this is the last of it. Sad, I know.

I’ve enjoyed putting together the ultimate 2022 holiday gift guide for you this year!

It’s so massive that I’m splitting it into three articles!

Hey, you can’t tell me you couldn’t find something for someone on your nice list, right?

Ultimate 2022 Holiday Gift Guide - Part III - lit Christmas tree - Huong Vo - NJ White
Image via NJ White

And because secrets don’t make friends, here’s part three of the ultimate 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!


Did you know that if you go to a holiday party, it’s appropriate to give the host or hostess a gift? I didn’t know this until years ago! It does make sense though because if s/he took the time to prep most of (or all of the food), it’s kind to say thank you by giving a gift that they’ll use/enjoy.


If you know someone who can never finish full-size makeup products, giving gift sets with smaller-sized items might not be a bad idea. If you’re on a tighter budget, purchase several different gift sets and split them up using organza bags.


What is Christmas without some laughs? If you have someone who is fun/funny by nature on your nice list, these gifts will bound to make them laugh or smile!


To me, a homebody gift is a gift that introverts are going to LOVE most, ha!


Gifts for the home are always practical, and beautiful, and keep on giving!


For me, tech gifts are always fun to give! Tech gifts don’t have to have the common Bluetooth feature for them to be useful. Sometimes, the updated aesthetics of a vintage item like this AM/FM radio can wow a person. 


Luxury gifts are for those who are extra special in your life. To me, these gifts would be reserved for spouses and parents.

What do you think of the last part of the 2022 Holiday Gift Guide?!

I hope you enjoyed everything in these 2022 gift guides as I feel my selections are unique to those on your lists. After all, the cost divided by times per wear/use should be the name of the game.

Most of all, I hope they are practical for everyone on your list this year and for years to come!

Should you choose to use my links, thank you! As I do receive a commission, albeit a small one, your support is greatly appreciated, especially this holiday season.