Transformation Thursday: June 2017

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Transformation Thursday: June 2017 | She Sweats Diamonds

Wow, we’re at half a dozen posts as of today for the Transformation Thursday series! 2017 is wooshing by my friends!

Welp, mosquito season is also here. I’ve had about a dozen bites so far. No summer tan still. I have no plans to travel for 4th of July either. There’s just something about traveling during holidays that just repels me. Wait, that’s traffic. And people, ha! Really, I like to call myself a major holiday homebody, lol! 

Anyway, here are my finds for the month of June! 

Article (1 Minute Read)

The Benefits of Foam Rolling by the SWEAT team- I’m not going to lie, but I’ve been slacking hardcore in the workout department. They say that to reduce injuries from slipping or falling is to increase your flexibility and boy, were they right. When I was in high school and college, one of the few things I prided myself on was my flexibility. I worked hard on improving every day and it totally came in handy one day when I almost slipped into a right split!

If you’re new to the health and wellness world, just know one thing when taking care of your body: always foam roll after your work out. If I knew this when I was in dance, I would’ve happily done it for all those sore muscles I had during dance camps. Now, I’m going to roll just to release the tension in my body. Here’s a picture of the foam roller I have (it’s the original version Kayla had).

Check out this Foam Rolling 101 video from my friend, Nate to see how to roll certain parts of your body while you’re at it too!

Book (Mid-length read)

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster: Why Now Is the Time to #JoinTheRide – Being your own boss isn’t easy. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, read this book. If you’re a brand new entrepreneur, definitely read this book! Even if you’re thinking about becoming your own boss, read this book. Darren not only talks about his experience of being a business owner, he teaches you what to expect when you become one. Yep, the emotional rollercoaster kind too. And you know what? It’s not all that bad as it seems!

I just finished his audio book on Audible last week and note, this isn’t just a one-time read kind of book. It’s a buy the book, listen and write in it kind. Considering I have a hard copy, I plan on listening to this again, but this time, following along and writing, highlighting and drawing in the book. 

Health App

YouAte – I learned about this app from one of my besties (Hi Rachie!) and I love it! For someone who has been struggling with health since a car accident, I have to tell you, this app really does help with what you want to focus on. You put in your goals (ex. I want to release 15-20lbs) and what you plan on doing (ie. I will…discover herbs and spices, avoid vegetable oil, avoid high GI foods, drink plenty of water, eat more healthy fat, etc.). After that, you take photos of what you eat and choose whether the food you’re consuming is on path or off path. 

Once you take the photo, you answer questions like, “Why did you eat?” to determine if you’re hungry, ate socially, were stressed, or had cravings, etc. 

Other questions are, “How was it?”, “Where did you eat?”, “How was it made?” and “How did it make you feel?” I love that these questions are asked so you can visually see your patterns and fix what habits you have created. There’s also a counter that lets you know how much time in between each meal too. Mine is so going to be every few hours, haha! 

You can also share your week via a web link to an accountability buddy if you want to too! I think this app would be great to use with clients if you’re a personal trainer. If you hate tracking/counting calories like I do, but want a visual of how you’re doing, this is a great health app for you! 


Lindsey Stirling – If you know me, there is no doubt whatsoever that I’m a huge fan of music. As someone who used to play the violin, Lindsey’s work holds a special place in my heart as she takes playing violin to a whole new level.

When I discovered her on Pandora years ago with her self-named album, I created a Lindsey Stirling channel on my account right away. Whenever I’m stuck trying to blog, but find myself with writer’s block, I turn on her music and blast it. Since there are no lyrics, I can write like nobody’s business when I have her music playing in the background.

Sidenote, she’s a self-made millionaire musician who made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list a few years ago. If you haven’t seen her performances on YouTube, I suggest you catch up for some inspiration! Her work makes me think how far I would’ve came had I stayed in music.

Anyway, you can grab her latest album, Brave Enough (which I’ve heard has more lyrics) or if you’re new to her, check out her Shatter Me album. I’m sure you’ll be familiar with a few songs here and there!

Online Platform

Quora – This is an interesting platform in which people ask questions and others answer questions by sharing their insight and knowledge. I signed up on this site in early spring and you know what? I don’t want to unsubscribe. It’s SO interesting. Questions range from “How do you spot a narcissist?” to “A person stops you at gunpoint and demands you hand over your wallet. how would you get the mugger to walk away only using the power of words?” to “What makes a person boring?” so it’s always interesting to read people’s answers and experiences.

The cool part? From what I’ve read these last couple of months so far, people on Quora are civil. Look at that! People having discussions without tearing each other down. ::cough cough:: I’m looking at you, Facebook!

And that’s it for this month’s Transformation Thursday series! Happy Friday Eve!

If you’ve utilized any of these resources, comment below and let me know your thoughts! Feel free to give suggestions on any resources you personally use too! 

If you’re new here, Transformation Thursday is a series of monthly edit of resources I share. You can listen to, read or watch what I’ve found/used to improve various parts of your life. It is my hope that at least one resource in each post adds value to your life! 

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