Transformation Thursday: July 2017

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Transformation Thursday: July 2017 | She Sweats Diamonds

Welcome back to my Transformation Thursday series guys! August is just around the corner so to me, that means we’re one month closer to fall, ha! 

I’m SO excited to share with you my finds for the month of July so let’s dive right in! 

Article (2 Minute Read)

4 Things This PR Girl Wants Fashion Bloggers to Know – I recently came across PR Couture when I was looking for some blogging advice online. I loved this article because it definitely helps out new brand new bloggers to understand how to take what they love doing seriously. 


Luella & June – I just discovered Bradley Agather Means through APL’s Instagram post and y’all, even though I love neutrals, there’s something about her blog that will keep me coming back. From a first pass, her content doesn’t look “cookie cutter” and her photos? Hello lover! You can tell Bradley puts a lot of thought into her images and her content.

I love that she has her own unique style and she doesn’t look like other bloggers out there. The fact that she’s also a Dallas native makes me smile too! She’s definitely a stand out blogger for sure!

Photo App(s)

Snug – Ever wish you could plan your Instagram feed? Yeah, well, you can do it for free through the Snug app! I’ve been using this app for close to a year now and it’s amazing! I just upload my photos I want to publish and move them around to achieve the look I want.

I love Planoly too, but until I can afford the package I want from them, Snug is great for now and I can switch between my personal account and my fashion account. Snug has crashed on me a couple of times, but I don’t upload too many photos at once to be upset when the app crashes.

If I could pick between the two, I’d go for Planoly as they have analytics in their back office whereas Snug does not. 

Blogging Resources: 

Blog With Me – If you’re a regular around here on SSD, you’d know that Marianna Hewitt is one of my favorite bloggers. I have talked about her on an early Transformation Thursday post where I shared her video on how she edits her Instagram photos. I was so excited when she announced that she was going to be helping her followers with their questions on blogging, vlogging and social media that I immediately signed up on her website.

One of the things I love about Marianna is her willingness to help her readers by sharing her secrets. Whether it’s beauty or blogging tips, I love how she not only inspires her readers, but she is so open to serving her audience beyond makeup and clothes. Give her new Instagram account, Blog With Me, a follow and ask her whatever questions you have about the the blogging world! 

And that’s it for this month’s Transformation Thursday series! Happy Friday Eve!

If you’ve used any of these resources, let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Feel free to suggest any resources you use too! 

If you’re new here, Transformation Thursday is a series of monthly edit of resources I share. You can listen to, read or watch what I’ve found/used to improve various parts of your life. It is my hope that at least one resource in each post adds value to your life! 

Note: I was not gifted the products/services mentioned nor was I compensated or asked to review any of these brands or services. All opinions are solely my own.

Image via Blog With Me