Transformation Thursday: April 2018

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Transformation Thursday: April 2018 - She Sweats Diamonds - Dallas Lifestyle Blog - Huong Vo - Saffron Avenue Quote

Transformation Thursday is back once again so let’s get started so I can share with you my finds for the month of April!

Article – Skincare (2 Minute Read)

Are you Applying Your Skincare Products in the Right Order? by Camille Styles

I had always wondered this and just when I was about to research about it, this article popped up in my email inbox. Perfect timing, right? Or is someone listening?

When it comes to skincare, I believe that not only do you have to have products that work for you, but the order you put products on your skin helps your investment go further. After all, we all want the products we buy to work and be worth the money, right? Speaking of, I just bought a bunch of skincare products so stay tuned for a haul post

Book (Mid-length read?)

Genius Foods by Max Lugavere

I came across Max on Instagram through the discover page earlier this week and his food graphics caught my eye. Since I’m a health enthusiast, I decided to dive deeper into his feed and read his thoughts on health. From the few posts I read, I was intrigued and saw that he had just released his first book (Oh and if you’re reading this, Max, congratulations on your new book!) so I went to Audible and listened to a sample of his book. I must say it’ll be the next book I read after I finish my current one so on my wish list it went! From the reviews I’ve read, I’m pretty sure I’ll need a hard copy of his book too! 

Blogger Resource (Hashtags/SEO)

I really haven’t taken a deeper dive with Pinterest SEO or anything of that sort yet, but I love learning about it through their Tailwind blog! Obviously this article is a little over a year old. Even with the changes Instagram has made, I still think that if you need help with keywords to help grow your Instagram account, go and check out this article about Instagram hashtags!

Social Media

Free Quote Library by Angela Mondloch of Saffron Avenue

I’m always looking for beautiful quotes to share so when Angela created her quote library and shared it with her audience, I knew I had to bookmark it. The coolest part is that it’s all in her handwriting! I can’t wait to share her work on my social media feeds and make it look all the better too! 

As always, you can DM me on my social media platforms or email me if you have any questions! I’m always open to helping you with what you need!

And that’s all for this month’s Transformation Thursday series! Happy Friday Eve!

If you’ve used any of the resources mentioned above, let me know what you think!

Feel free to suggest any resources you use in the comments below! 

If you’re new here, Transformation Thursday is a series of monthly edit of resources I share. You can listen to, use, read or watch what I’ve found/used to improve various parts of your life. It is my hope that at least one resource in each post adds value to your life! 

Note: I was not gifted the products/services mentioned nor was I compensated or asked to review any of these brands or services. All opinions are solely my own.

Image via Angela Mondloch of Saffron Avenue