The Diamond Edit No. 14 :: Nude/Blush Pink Jewelry Edition

The Diamond Edit No. 14 :: Nude/Blush Pink Jewelry Edition | She Sweats Diamonds

Layered Y Chain Necklace | Rose Gold Chain Bracelet (sold out; this is the exact bracelet, but wider) | 4 Drop Earrings | Crossover Ring | Arty RingSaigon Tassel Earrings | Studded Leather Bracelet | Rose Gold Watch | Rose Quartz Statement Necklace (on sale!) 

My color crush on nude / blush pink continues! I’m a huge fan of gold/rose gold jewelry, but noticed that I don’t have any FUN jewelry so I decided to curate the prettiest finds around the web for all us nude/blush pink lovers out there!

If you’re new here, I’m sharing nude/blush pink edits here on the blog for the next couple of weeks. My diamond edits cover all categories such as outfit ideas and beauty products I love/want to try, but I wanted to focus on my favorite shade for fun! 

Again, if you’re new, please note that each product/piece I share are at various price points. I do this because I want to keep you (and I) in mind as everyone has different levels of income and budgets.

I hope you enjoy today’s jewelry edition!

Layered Y Chain Necklace 

I’ve seen these on a lot of other bloggers I follow and as a dainty jewelry lover, I don’t hate it. I love layering necklaces (I just don’t show it on the blog) so if you’re like me, nab this super affordable rose gold chain necklace (under $50!) for those black dresses you’ll be wearing this holiday season! 

Rose Gold Chain Bracelet 

I’m not big on bracelets as much as I use to be, but I don’t mind this beautiful bangle with a chain! This dainty one has sold out since I made this collage, but here’s the exact bracelet, but in gold and it’s a bit wider. I still think it’s beautiful!

4 Drop Earrings

If you follow a lot of bloggers/influencers, you will have seen these earrings around. I’m not a fan of the three-tiered earrings as much as I am with these four-tiered earrings (here’s a more affordable version of the ball drop earrings in blush under $50)!

Crossover Ring

I believe that accessories really make an outfit. Even dainty jewelry pieces like crossover rings (I have the Nadri earrings, so that’s why I’m recommending this brand) can just elevate an outfit and just make you look more put together. This X ring (under $100) from Michael Kors is absolutely stunning in person too! I promise you’ll keep reaching for a ring like this over and over again.

Arty Ring 

I’m a huge fan of costume jewelry that doesn’t look like costume jewelry (if that makes sense). This arty ring is an old style, but it’s still definitely a stand-out statement ring for sure. You’ll have to keep an eye out for it because this style is several years old. Check out places like The RealReal! To give you an idea of what it looks like, here’s my friend, Hoang-Kim wearing the arty ring with one of her outfits. Doesn’t it look great?!

Saigon Tassel Earrings

Speaking of, my friend, Hoang-Kim of Color & Chic just launched her tassel earrings that she designed with Olive & Piper yesterday! Can I say that they’re SO cute?! Hello nude pinks! The ombre colors remind me of a beautiful sunset too. Get to know her more on their Olive & Piper’s interview and how she named these earrings

Studded Leather Bracelet 

The rocker side of me HAD to include a leather bracelet. In a neutral/blush color. HAD to. I can see wearing this with jeans, a white tee, a black leather jacket and some booties. Mmmm…fall weather…haha! 

Rose Gold Watch 

I own this rose gold watch from Michael Kors (in the mid-size) and I will tell you, it’s a great mid-tier investment piece. But I think a rectangle-faced watch is SO classic and sophisticated. Can you imagine this watch peeking out from a long sleeve jacket or sweater? Just a small glimpse of rose gold makes an all-black outfit that much better! 

Rose Quartz Statement Necklace 

I’m a huge fan of Kendra Scott. Like huge. So is it a surprise really to feature this signature statement necklace from her collection? No. Not even in the least bit. If you have one colored statement necklace, let this one be it! 

And that’s all! What jewelry piece do you like the post out of this collage?

What jewelry pieces do you currently have your eye on?


If you missed it! Here’s the first post of my nude/blush pink series!  

What weekend plans you have going on?! I’ll be working out with friends, celebrating my birthday and just getting my place ready for the holiday season.

Happy Friday! 

Note: I was not gifted these products nor was I compensated or asked to share/recommend these products by any of the brands or (beauty) retailer. These products are all from brands I love and/or want to try. The only item I own is the nail polish (which I wrote a review about) in the collage above. All opinions are solely my own.