The Best Sweaters of the Season

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The cold weather is here to say so you know what that means: it’s officially sweater weather season! If you’re like me and wait until the temps start dropping to buy your cold weather gear, you’re in for a treat today!

When it comes to my personal wardrobe, I don’t really have a lot of sweaters. And I blame that on the fact that I’m really picky. That and I really don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted my money. For instance, remember this chenille sweater I wore? Currently, there’s a hole in the right shoulder and it has continued to unravel. And if you’re looking at the date of that post, it didn’t even make it a full year. ::insert eyeroll emoji here::

In this post, I’ll be sharing cozy knits I’ve found across the web. And yes, most of these sweaters are from sustainable brands and/or made of better-for-the-environment fabrics, including recycled materials.

As always, price points and online retailers I’ve chosen will range depending on your style and budget.

Let me know which ones you like best!


Cashmere sweaters are so worth the investment! Make sure to look at the product description as some cashmere sweaters require hand-wash only instead of dry cleaning. Check out these affordable cashmere sweaters too!


Just because the sweater is thin, doesn’t mean it won’t keep you warm. Make sure to check the percentages in the product description. Don’t underestimate wool. Even a 20% wool sweater will keep you toasty.


When you want to look extra chic, go for neutral shades. Even muted colors works too!


Since the days are grey, cold, and dreary, you might as well have some fun with color-block and animal print sweaters!


For a sleeker look, belt your cardigan to show off your waist or if it’s long enough, transform it into a sweater dress. Just add tights for extra warmth!


And that’s it! I wanted to end the week with a short and fun post for you guys so I hope you like today’s post! If you’re interested, Navygrey is another sustainable fashion brand focused on knitwear.

Another sidenote, make sure you click through some of these sweaters because some may look ordinary, but they have interesting features you need to see up close!

Wishing y’all a great weekend ahead! I’m starting the Christmas decorating this weekend and I can’t wait!

Image via Marianna Hewitt