The Best and Most Comfortable Loungewear to Invest In

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The Best and Most Comfortable Loungewear to Invest In | She Sweats Diamonds - pink hoodie - neutral oversized hoodie - neutral hoodies - blush pink hoodie - soft slippers - soft white slippers

It’s safe to say that after being at home for nearly a month, that I should’ve invested in high-quality, comfortable loungewear. And if I’m being honest, I never saw the need to invest in comfortable pajamas or loungewear. I figured shorts and a t-shirt or mismatching a cami and pajama bottoms would work.

However, after spending a lot of time at home, I realized I was wrong.

As I age, I have learned that the small things that make life a little better involves feel-good clothing, including comfortable loungewear. And let’s not leave out luxe pajamas and boujee home accessories like silk pillow cases.

I know a lot of us are spending a ton of time working from home. For this reason, I wanted to share some loungewear inspiration in case you’re looking for any.

However, before we dive in, I wanted to let you know that the items I’m sharing are from retailers that currently have their websites open. Please make sure to find information about any updates in regards to their shipping status(es).


I’m a huge fan of loungewear sets. However, I have never owned cute lounge sets or proper loungewear. Consider this the beginning of an addiction. Additionally, while I was putting this article together, I realized that it’s also my first time discovering eco-conscious, cute and affordable loungewear (looking at you, Fabletics!) so yay for those of us who are looking to live more sustainably!


First, the only hoodies I’ve ever owned are from my college years. Secondly, I’ve never really had loungewear hoodies (or cardigans). Gasp! I know. Where have I been, right? Lastly, please note, this will be the beginning of comfy (and over-sized) hoodies and cardis for me!


No, I have never owned a pair of joggers. And yes, without a doubt, I will own a few pairs from here on out. Please don’t judge me or ask why I’ve never owned them in the first place. I don’t know the answer either.


If I remember correctly, I only own about five sets of matching pajamas and they’re all for the fall/winter season. I’m pretty sure now is the time to invest in some spring/summer sets so I can stay cool through warmer nights.


Are we really going to forget about luxe slippers while we’re on the subject of comfortable loungewear? No. No, we’re not. While we’re on this topic, owning a super soft robe is just as important.

Did you see this post coming? Because I sure did. I’m just a tad bit late to the party, ha!

On a serious note, to clarify, I’m aware many of us are pulling back on our spending. However, just in case you’re shopping to fill some voids in your closet or even making some wishlists for fun, I wanted to share some at-home style inspiration.

On the same note, even while we are self-isolating, I will say after this situation is over, I will definitely be investing in luxurious, comfortable loungewear and pajamas. A tried and true homebody needs this kind of luxury, don’t you think?

Were you always into high-quality loungewear? Or did you just discover the little luxuries in life that is comfortable loungewear these last few months?


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