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Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before. —Dalai Lama

This time next month, I’ll be taking a vacation in the Northeast to see my bestie complete a triathlon and I’m so excited!

To get the outfit idea wheels turning, I thought I’d share a summer travel style mood board. I also wanted to share some items in various price ranges I’m eyeing to add to my closet.

Even though I’m not going anywhere as pretty as my mood board, I’m looking to improve my summer style. And this trip is going to be perfect for me to experiment with my sense of style too.

Summer Travel Style Inspiration - She Sweats Diamonds - Dallas Blogger
Image collage made of images from Pinterest/Tumblr (please let me know if any of these images are yours so I can properly credit you!

And considering I cleaned out about 95% of my closet, I’m sharing with y’all a few summer items I’m planning to add to my shopping cart as I rebuild my wardrobe slowly, but surely!


I don’t care if it’s “official” or not, but summer is here in Texas. Give me all the linen, cotton and chiffon I can stand! These dresses and jumpsuits are easy solutions to elevate anyone’s summer travel style that I can’t stand it!


I’m sorry for what I said when I said I hated off-the-shoulder anything. Because it’s so hot, I’m semi-retracting my statement for this cute off-the-shoulder top. Can I have get this linen cardigan, some cold shoulder tops, shorts and loose-fitting white jeans now, please?


Like any girlie girl, I love my shoes. I tend to gravitate towards flat or low heels, but I just can’t stand feeling stumpy sometimes so I’ll be nabbing these cute low-heeled wedges for the trip that will also replace the only wedges I owned, but finally threw out, ha! I say finally because the wedges I threw out were about a decade old. Insert see no evil monkey emoji here. I’m really wanting a nice bag for this trip (cough, Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis, cough), but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen any time soon. But hey, a girl can dream, right?


When it comes to summer, I’m a very minimal makeup user. I have my skincare routine, but as far as makeup goes, I don’t like wearing foundation during the hot months. So for this trip, I’m bringing some sunscreen, moisturizers, oil, concealer, bronzer (maybe some blush) and nude lipstick/gloss. I’m eyeing this cc serum for the trip! It’s pricey, but if it gives me a glow without the harmful rays, it might be worth it!

Let me know which pieces you’d want for your summer closet from my picks above!!!

Not going to lie, after cleaning out my closet, I’m finding that I’m missing a lot of tops and proper shoes that it’s embarrassing (first class, first world problems, I know). I foresee mini haul videos in the future, yes?

Finding my summer style is a bit challenging for me in general. It’s hard to dress cute and casual while staying cool in hot weather, but I’m excited scratch the surface with my summer travel style experiment. I can’t wait to improve on my summer style while I’m away and share some outfit posts for you guys!

In the meantime, I look to Annabelle Fleur, Lydia Millen-Gordon, and Megan Runion for some summer travel style inspiration. Check out some of my travel articles because I’m hoping to do more of it soon! xo

Where do you get your summer travel style inspiration from?


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