Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change. —Brene Brown

Summer reflections is the result of my being “missing-in-action” these last few weeks.

Publishing articles here and my Instagram have slowed down tremendously while taking the time to complete a self-audit, enjoying being in the moment and being present in my own life has sky-rocketed.

The verdict?

Summer Reflections - Life Update - She Sweats Diamonds Shiraleah Caicos Woven Beach Tote - Tory Burch Millers - Kopari Lip Glossy - Round beach towel
Shiraleah Woven Caicos Tote | Tory Burch Millers (Shade: Makeup) | Kopari Lip Glossy | Cat eye Sunglasses | Round Beach Towel (under $30)

I’m feeling incredibly refreshed, excited and more than ready for the future than I’ve ever been my whole life. And what have I decided my next move is going to be?

I’ve decided to quit She Sweats Diamonds

Just kidding. Gotcha! You didn’t think I’d come back refreshed only to quit did you? I refuse to quit. Ever. It’s not in my blood. See what I did there? If you didn’t, you just lost delicious chocolate-dripping brownie points.

And if you have a sweet-tooth, I know. The loss will hurt just a tad bit. It’s okay though. Keep your chin up and head to the nearest Sprinkles Cupcake ATM machine and you should be fine.


Unless there’s traffic. If there’s traffic, I’m sorry. Dig in your bag for a piece of gum to subside the pain for now. And may the cupcake machine not be sold out in your favorite flavor when you arrive. And if it is, just look around and see who’s about to take a bite into their delicious cupcake.

Wait for the last second, walk by that person, grab it and run like h*ll!!! 

I mean if you’re really motivated to do it, just don’t take it from a kid. Or a six foot guy. Or a pregnant woman. You know what? Ah, forget it. Just take your motivation level down a notch, go inside and order your second favorite flavor.

Speaking of motivation, during this time of the year, people tend to slow down. Some lose their motivation on their goals in life as soon as they come back from their vacation. Maybe because it’s summer break or maybe it’s the fact that everyone’s in vacation mode, but to me, it’s okay to slow down.

I recently had a conversation about pulling back the reins with my friend, Michelle, founder of Ranavat Botanics on her Instagram. And she is right. For our sanity, we have to slow down even if we’re go-getters. As someone who tends to work herself into the ground, I’ve learned only a few months ago that taking the time to pause is needed to refresh our creativity.

Well, I really took to heart what Michelle said and took it on vacation with me to do just that, but on a deeper, self-audit level.

My vacation to the Northeast did absolute wonders for me. The time I got to myself was needed more than I thought. I got to exercise without feeling rushed, enjoyed simple activities like blueberry picking and digging my toes in the sand at the beach.

It was truly a period of rest and relaxation and a long one at that.

My time away was also when I decided what I needed to purge from my life, refocus on goals I had set for myself, and redirect my energy where I knew it would be needed. It was indeed a time of summer reflections.

And I’m SO fired up and excited to share more valuable content with you in the coming months and years!

For those of you who follow me, thank you for reading.

Even if you don’t comment, thank you for reading anyway because it shows that you support. And if you’re reading from a non-supportive perspective, I believe that’s called stalking. I guess that’s okay too. Just know that you can’t catch an Asian off guard even if they’re not trained in martial arts. I think it’ll come naturally if you get what I mean, ha!

How about you? Have you paused and experienced some summer reflections?

I’m happy to share the steps I took in a future post with you very soon! Happy Monday!


Huong By Huong
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