With the crispness of Fall comes a sense of a change- and the chance to mix up your look. —Michael Kors

When I say that fall is my absolute favorite season to dress for, it’s true. You know what else is true?

I have more outerwear pieces in my wardrobe than I do tops.

You’d think I’d be kidding, but I’m not.

I don’t know why, but I love fall coats and jackets. From the classic Burberry trench coats to buttery soft Allsaints leather jackets, give them all to meee!

Since the weather is starting to cool down here in Dallas, I thought I’d share an article giving you some wardrobe tips for fall fashion. With so many different types of outerwear out there, I’m excited to inspire you with some of my favorite fall coats on the market!

If you’re looking for a fall coat or just some style inspiration, keep reading because this article is about to be fun to read!


What is fall if you don’t kick it off with some fun pieces first, right? To me, the following fall coats are fun yet have classic vibes to them!


In my early college years, my mom had found a tan shearling coat and encouraged me to buy it. Y’all know when mom says the word, you do it. I bought it and wore the heck out of it. I donated it a while back and sometimes regret retiring it now that it’s back in style.

If you’re looking for a cute fall coat, try a shearling coat like Lydia is wearing here. The belt can be left undone for a casual, unfinished finished look while belting to cinch the waist will create an hourglass silhouette. An A-line cut lends to modern vibes and ensures you won’t look like a woodsman too!

Style Guide - Fall Coats - She Sweats Diamonds - leather shearling coat - Lydia Millen
Image via Lydia Millen

Style Guide - Fall Coats - She Sweats Diamonds - teddy coat - Modeison
Image via Modeison


For the last few years, plush coats have been very trendy. And to be honest, I don’t think they’re going away any time soon.

At first, I didn’t like the teddy bear coat, but it’s been growing on me.

It wasn’t until I bought this Nike Sherpa jacket last year to dip my toe into the trend that I liked the teddy bear look!

How about you? What do you think of the teddy coat trend? Yay or nay?


For someone who loves neutrals, I actually like the houndstooth print. To me, this print is as equally good as leopard print for women’s casual fall jackets.

While some may find this style a bit gaudy, I think it just depends on the look you’re going for. The bigger the print, the trendier and bolder the look. The smaller, the classier and more refined your look will be as shown here by Maria.

If you’re looking for a less expensive option, check out this Zara houndstooth coat.

Style Guide - Fall Coats - She Sweats Diamonds - houndstooth coat - Mia Mia Mine - Maria Vizuete
Image via Mia Mia Mine

Style Guide - Fall Coats - She Sweats Diamonds - leopard colorblock coat
Image via Me


If you want a sleek leopard coat, look at purchasing one without any texture. However, if you want to go outside of leopard, go for a cheetah print coat to get a similar effect. Actually, I think the cheetah print might stand out a bit more.

If you’ve been following me a while, you know I love this old leopard print color block coat from Zara. As far as lightweight fall coats, this one has never failed to elevate my look.

It is foolproof if you’re looking to add some interest to a neutral or monochrome outfit.


The ultimate winner of women’s casual fall jackets? The coatigan! Part coat, part cardigan, the coatigan adds a layer of warmth while giving the allusion of a coat without the actual bulkiness of one.

If you’re looking to try this style, choose a maxi length that goes past your knees. The longer length will make you look taller and elevate your cozy look a bit more.

Personally, I’ve yet to add one to my closet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not on my radar!

Style Guide - Fall Coats - She Sweats Diamonds - coatigan - Ashley Robertson
Image via Ashley Robertson

Image via Modeison


One of my favorite women’s fall coat styles is the puffer.

I’ve been a puffy coat fan ever since I got my warm puffer many years ago. If you’re looking for an affordable down puffer coat, don’t underestimate Zara! Just check for downfilled in the product description.

Avoid the Michelin man look and go for a closer-to-the-body cut. If you can cinch in the waist like Modeison did here with her look, you’ll outfit will look less fussy too.


For cute fall jackets, a faux fur coat might be your best bet! Short or long, a faux fur coat is sure to add a luxe touch to whatever look you’re wearing.

I got my first faux fur coat in early 2020 and didn’t regret it one bit.

If you have a real fur coat handed down to you, keep it! Don’t let it go to waste. Instead of buying a faux fur coat, reuse it. If you don’t have a hand-me-down and want a real one, I encourage you to purchase it second-hand through consignment and thrift stores.

Style Guide - Fall Coats - She Sweats Diamonds - faux fur coat - Maja Marko
Image via MajaMarko


On to my favorite category: classic fall coats. If you’ve been looking for an investment coat for many years, check out these amazing options for some inspiration!

Style Guide - Fall Coats - She Sweats Diamonds - women's military coat - Micah Gianneli
Image via Micah Gianneli


Nothing toughens up and tops off an outfit better than a military coat! A case in point is in the photo of Micah, right?

I’ve been a huge military coat fan since high school. We were shopping at New York & Company when my mom handed me this black military coat to try on. I fell in love and still wear it to this day!

If you’re planning to purchase your first military coat, your wardrobe will be instantly elevated if you go for a knee-length with gold buttons.


A real fall work coat is the classic pea coat.

It doesn’t matter if the length is just below your waist, knee, or ankle length, you are bound to look put together for the office…effortlessly!

When hunting for a pea coat, look for one with at least 40% wool to take you through the winter. If you can find one with interior pockets, count that as a big win.

Extra credit goes for one with deep pockets to keep your hands warm too!

Style Guide - Fall Coats - She Sweats Diamonds - long pea coat - Sasha Simon - LolaRio Style
Image via Sasha Simón

Style Guide - Fall Coats - She Sweats Diamonds - oversized coat - Leonie Hanne
Image via Leonie Hanne


An oversized coat is a great finishing touch for casual outfits.

To me, this coat style is tricky to style. If you’re new to this coat style, make sure you take a size that isn’t too fitted or way too big.

Dress up your oversized coat with knee-length boots and classic gold jewelry like Leonie did here or dress it down with sneakers and a baseball cap.

What do you think of this coat style?


A wrap coat immediately adds a feminine flair to any outfit.

Even though Pau’s casual boots add edge to her look, her wrap coat softens her look.

Wardrobe tip: if you don’t want to tie the belt to your waist, tie it in a bow on the back.

Make sure to wear your coat so you can see how to adjust the bow for an effortless look.

Style Guide - Fall Coats - She Sweats Diamonds - wrap coat - Pau Dictado
Image via Pau Dictado


What’s a fall wardrobe without the classic trench coat?

Whatever length you end up going for, I promise you’ll be reaching for this style again and again.

When it comes to this type of fall coat, make sure to look at the fabric/materials the trench is made of to ensure you get your money’s worth.

If it repels water, you’ve got an investment piece for fall and spring!


The ultimate fall coat of all fall coats is the camel coat. With so many kinds of cuts out there, there is no such as thing as owning too many camel coats.

I mean, how chic is the one Füsun is wearing? It looks so luxe and I love the ribbed detailing of her belt.

Remember when I told y’all years ago that I was on the hunt for the perfect one? I still am! And I cannot wait to find the perfect one(s).

Style Guide - Fall Coats - She Sweats Diamonds - camel coat - Füsun Lindner
Image via Füsun Lindner

Style Guide - Fall Coats - She Sweats Diamonds - white coat - Janice Joostemaa
Image via Janice Joostemaa


Last, but not least is the white coat. To me, if you already own all the classic coats, owning a white coat for fall is the icing in your wardrobe.

In a sea of black during fall/winter, why not stand out with white? If you’re thinking, “Oh, I can never get white! It’s not practical!”

I understand. Two things though: 1) You only have one life. Live a little and 2) you can always get it cleaned.

I hope you enjoyed these wardrobe tips for the upcoming fall/winter season! I for one, cannot wait for layers! Eeee!

In case you’re on the market for one or a few, I’ve linked similar coats for y’all below. As always, they’re in all types of price ranges from the looks above so happy shopping!

Are you more of a fun fall coat or classic fall coat type of person?

Aren’t these ladies just stunning? I think their styles are so impeccable! What do you think of my picks? I’d love to know your thoughts so let me know in the comments!