Stuck In Perfectionism & Feeling Worthy

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Feeling Worthy :: Eyelash Lace Top & Lace Heels | She Sweats Diamonds
Eyelash Lace Top (few sizes left!) | Jeans (old; similar jeans) | Brian Atwood Lace Pumps c/o Clotheshorse Anonymous

Done is better than perfect. —Sheryl Sandberg

What? A new outfit post?!

I know. I’m sorry, loves.

Between dreary and rainy weather to finding time to shoot with a full-time job and living life, it’s been difficult to get an outfit post up.

Well friends, today, I’m sharing a simple and neutral Spring look that speaks to me. Pretty top, jeans that fit growing thighs (where are my #GirlsWhoLift at?!) and some comfy heels! Nothing ground-breaking here. Did I mention that this eyelash lace top I’m wearing was designed by my friend and fellow blogger, Hoang-Kim of Color & Chic for International Women’s Day in collaboration with Gibson Look x Nordstrom? Yeah, I’m happy to own this top because it’s perfect for weekends and for the day job! You know me, cost divided by times per wear!

Aside from sharing my latest outfit, today, I wanted to chat about feeling worthy and the whole self-worth topic in general. Lately, I’ve been hearing from quite a bit of people in terms of their goals and what they want to achieve.

And while I’m happy for them and their dreams, a part of me feels frustrated. I’m frustrated that the very people I converse with talk more about their dreams than do the work to begin achieving their dreams. The most common response?

It’s not perfect yet. 

Don’t get me wrong. I was once that “perfectionist” and would get frustrated if I couldn’t put a perfect pony tail together for school! Yep, I was also that person who wouldn’t put anything out to the world because it wasn’t perfect yet. Case in point? This blog you’re reading right now. At one point, I didn’t know what my gifts were so I did nothing. When I learned what my gifts were and launched my blog, I didn’t use my talents to the fullest extent for fear of what others would think about me. I didn’t even tell my friends what I was doing. When I got past that mentality, what stopped me?

Fear of success.

That’s right. I didn’t fear failure. Instead, I feared success.

Turns out that my fear of success was deeply rooted in feeling worthy of blessings I’d receive. I didn’t want to succeed because as Lewis Howes put it, fear of success is really fear of not being able to handle the responsibility that comes with being successful.

The funny thing about this post is that it’s not your average, here’s what to do, but rather a post to encourage you to accept yourself. You heard me right.

Feeling worthy comes with knowing your identity…your talents, personality, interests, passions, imperfections and all and being confident in everything that makes you, YOU.

I used to not be confident in myself or my gifts, always strove for perfection and feared success.

Today, I know I’m worthy of the blessings that come with success. Aside from money, the blessings I’m worthy to receive is having the ability to give, time to spend with loved ones, meeting new people, forming relationships, supporting those in my industry and inspiring others.

Don’t get stuck with being perfect or putting out the perfect brand, product or business that you miss out on the sweeter things in life.

When you're stuck in perfectionism, it's important to shift your perspective and understand that someone out there needs you more than you needing to be perfect. Share on X

Yup. I quoted myself because this type of mentality is part of my brand and I’m putting it out there!

Remember, whatever you’re working on won’t be perfect and it’s okay. Put your beautiful self and your brand out there anyway! The worlds needs to know who you are and what you have to offer.

Part of the journey to being successful is looking back and seeing the progress you’ve made. Otherwise, how else could you measure your personal and professional growth?


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