Static Nails Reusable Pop-On Manicure

Nails are one thing you can get into shape without exercise.

One of my most popular beauty articles here on SSD was about cruelty-free nail brand, Static Nails.

Naturally, I thought I’d bring back this beauty brand I love and use and talk about their reusable pop-on manicure.

During the spring, I had let my nails get too long and some of them ended up breaking. Since I hate uneven nails and wearing nail polish on super short nails, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to experiment with these luxury press on nails.

I had also recently tried press-on nails from imPress Nails as a temporary solution while waiting for my nails grow out. And let’s just say I was not impressed (ba dum tss) because it lasted all of 20 minutes. Wearing fake nails brought me back to my high school years when I did short press-on KISS nails for dance performances and long press-on nails for my senior year events.

When I remembered Static Nails offered a lot of neutral nail options, I decided to relive my youth a little bit. After using and loving Static Nails‘ Liquid Glass Lacquer: Perfect Nudes Palette I figured I’d give their neutral press-on nails a try.

This week, I want to introduce you to the reusable pop-on manicure by Static Nails. If you’re curious of my review, keep reading!

Static-Nails-Reusable-Pop-On-Manicure-non-toxic-nail-polish-remover-She-Sweats-DiamondsWHAT ARE POP-ON NAILS?

Static Nails Reusable Pop-On Manicures are exactly like glue on nails you’d buy from Target or the drugstore. According to their description, “they give you a non-damaging, perfect manicure instantly for a fraction of the time and money spent in salons. Each nail set is limited edition, can be removed, reapplied and customized unless otherwise stated in the item description.”

I will say I really like the colors they offer in polished, matte and holographic/metallics effects. I also love that they’re up to date with nail design trends too.


What I bought (from top to bottom):

Nudist Almond (nude with hint of pink) — I LOVE almond nail shapes so I had to get this neutral nude/pink shade to try.

Mademoiselle Almond (light peach) — After seeing so many ombre manis on social media, this set had to go in my cart. The bed of the nail is more of a peachy-nude color than the light blush you see below.

Peony Coffin (light mauve shade) — I saw this coffin nail shape on other women and thought it was interesting enough to buy. The color is very close to Dior’s 257 Incognito nail polish — to me, the polish color portrayed online is inaccurate, but if you see a bottle in-person, it’s nearly identical to that color.

Non-toxic nail polish remover — More about this in my review below!

Static Nails Reusable Pop-On Manicure Review - She Sweats Diamonds



  • Each kit came with 24 pop-on nails so that gave me variety in finding fit for my nail sizes.
  • Shades are beautiful in-person!
  • Despite being thin, the nails didn’t bend and most didn’t budge once they were on.
  • You can shape/file down the nails to your desired length if you want them shorter.
  • My mani lasted about 10 days great staying power!


  • Even with 24 nails, I don’t think I could do a second mani with what was unused so it felt like a waste.
  • I wish the ombre shade I wore had staying power in terms of color. After a few days, I noticed the white was fading around the edges/tip of the nails.
  • The thin nails themselves physically felt cheap.
  • Since it took me awhile to file down my nails to get the length I wanted, it would’ve been nice to have a longer nail file as I bent the mini file that came with the kit.
  • While I appreciate beautiful presentations, pop-on manicure kits come in packaged clear plastic boxes. From a sustainability standpoint, I hope the Static Nails team will find another way to reduce plastic packaging.



For this article, I tried their reusable pop-on manicure in Mademoiselle Almond. The tip was too sharp for my personal taste and the shape was too long for my lifestyle. Once glued on, I filed my nails down to the length and shape you see below. As for the wear, it lasted me about 10 days with normal use (washing dishes, washing my hair, typing, etc).

Reusable Pop on Manicure - Mademoiselle Almond - Static Nails - She Sweats Diamonds


For some nails, I had to put on a lot of glue to get rid of air bubbles. That caused the underside of my nails to have that thick glue build-up. Even with using a q-tip to clean up, my nails didn’t look seamless underneath. I’m aware this result also has to do my own nail beds. However, I wish the glue that came with the kit was a brush style instead of the typical tube applicator.

Some nails did pop off after a few days, but that was due to using less glue on those particular nails, like my pinky nail. If you use a lot of glue, be careful when taking these off. Most of my nails did NOT budge when I wanted to take them off. I was very surprised.

On the same note, I will say, if this is your first time wearing a pop-on manicure, read the instructions thoroughly first. Glue application can be done different ways: short (1-3 days), normal (a week), and long wear (18 days). Basically, you can choose how long you want to wear your nails.


Overall, the reusable pop-on manicure was easy to put on. I’m satisfied, but not 100% in love…yet. Maybe it’s because I have petite nails? I also feel like this particular set is NOT reusable if I want a fresh mani because they had already look very worn down when I took them off.

Since my purchase, the Static Nails team created and launched the Like-Acrylic Reusable Pop-On Manicure Collection at the end of July. Maybe those can be my go-to luxury press on nails in the future instead?


Since its launch earlier this year, I’ve also been able to try their non-toxic nail polish remover. Guys, it’s AMAZING! Most nail polish removers dry out my nails and cuticles, but not this one.

Static Nails Non-toxic Nail Polish Remover - She Sweats Diamonds

 Even though it took awhile to take polish off, it didn’t dry out my nails. My nails actually feel nourished when removing regular polish! The dropper is great for reducing spills as opposed to traditional open mouth bottles. I also found the dropper to dispense the right amount I need too. No more headaches when doing my nails since it’s odorless!!! And to boot, the glass bottle is stunning to leave on your bathroom counter.

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say I will not be using any other nail polish removers for long awhile! I mean, I just bought another bottle, haha!


What I want to try:

Mademoiselle Long Coffin (from the Like-Acrylic Collection) — Since I tried the ombre mani, I’d like to see if the like-acrylic version is better.

Soft Pink Long Coffin (from the Like-Acrylic Collection) — I’d love to try this one too. The color is so pretty! I’d file it down for a shorter length and round out the corners.

Liquid Glass Lacquer Perfect Nudes Palette —Neutrals, neutrals, neutrals. Always, neutrals!

Nail Hardener — My nails need all the strength it can get!

As always, my focus is to bring you quality sustainable fashion and beauty content. And I do feel like this brand is doing a good job by working towards contributing to the environmentally-friendly beauty movement.

Since the publishing of this article, I’ve purchased quite a few of their full bottle polishes. If you’d like to see color swatches, I’m happy to do a separate article for that as well. Just let me know in the comments!

To thank you for making it to the end of this article, here’s a $5.00 discount along with 500 points on your first Static Nails purchase! Enjoy!

Which #StaticNails reusable pop-on manicure set is your favorite?!

What do you think about wearing fake nails? Yay or nay?

This post is NOT sponsored by Static Nails. I purchased all products featured in this post myself. All opinions are my own. If I end up trying other brands, I’ll edit this article and add a “comparison” segment.


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