Spring Style Closet Mood Board

Spring Style Mood Board | She Sweats Diamonds

With the weather going back and forth between hot and cold and now, rainy and cold for a straight week, I’m done. This winter-loving gal just wants spring now. I know. Pick your jaw off the ground. I mean, if Mother Nature can’t give me straight cold weather, just give me consistent warmer weather then!

To end the weekend, I just thought I’d share my vibes for my spring wardrobe so I created a mood board! You’re looking at lots of blush, slate blues, pearl embellishments, lightweight fabrics and let’s not forget: some white and neutrals and throw in a little edge in there!

Here’s some great items I’m looking at for this Spring: 


It’s quite obvious for my mood board that I included blush/nude pink right? Yeah, thought so! 


One of my absolute favorite colors that’s a mix of feminine and masculine is slate blue. I love this shade as a paint color in the home too! 


I have a huge love for pearls and anything pearl embellished, so why not? I couldn’t leave this trend out of my Spring closet mood board!


How else would I physically feel cooler without wearing the right fabrics? Definitely need to invest in some chiffon, silk and cotton pieces this year!


No spring (or summer) wardrobe is every complete without white/neutral clothing! How else would you reflect heat and show off that glowing tan?

Oh and I’d totally make an exception with black with this black chiffon star print maxi dress because #stars. Fun fact about my fashion side: stars are the only other basic print I like aside from stripes.

Are you looking forward to Spring? If so…

What would your Spring closet mood board look like?

Let me know in the comments below! Happy Friday! 

L to R: Image 1: Hello Fashion Blog | Image 2: Tumblr (please let me know if this image is yours!) | Image 3: Qingaling | Image 4: Marianna Hewitt | Image 5: Home Beautiful | Image 6: Unknown (please let me know if this image is yours!) | Image 7: Mod Wedding | Image 8:  Fashioned Chic