If winter has the courage to turn into spring, who says I can’t bloom the same? —S.R.W.

One thing I love about spring is the meaning behind it. I love how things like flowers and trees come back to life again.

And as someone who loves neutral colors, I’m thankful to see all the colors spring back to life each season.

Whether it’s fashion, beauty, switching out home decor or trying out “lighter” food, I love it when seasons change because it signifies new beginnings.

Today, I wanted to share something different and fun and bring you a spring lifestyle mood board.

Spring Lifestyle Mood Board | She Sweats Diamonds - spring vibes

One // An activity I’m very much looking forward to in the future is getting a manicure. The crazy thing is, I was never a “Let’s go get manis/pedis!” kind of woman, ha! However, being in self-isolation has definitely made me realize that I do love getting my nails done as a part of my self-care routine. Yes, neutral nails. Always.

Two // This old outfit look from Annabelle of The VivaLuxury makes me ache to dress up again. The thought of putting on a silk blouse, some jeans, a pair of heels, sunglasses and go shopping even just for flowers makes my heart so happy!

Three // I came across this beautiful image on Pinterest and it just makes me yearn for flowy chiffon dresses.

Four // As a huge Diptyque fan, this image by Sabrina of The Beauty Lookbook, makes me want to be a gigantic candle and do the same after burning it.

Five // One of my favorite fragrances is Jo Malone’s Peony & Blush Suede scent. It’s absolutely perfect.

Six // This hairstyle makes me smile. That pearl clip is perfection and I love that it’s perfect, but not perfect. My hair is naturally wavy (and now that long), so you can bet that I’ll be styling my hair similarly in the future.

As much as I love fall and winter, I always look forward to spring. And I hope I’ve inspired you to look forward to the more colorful things in life!

What do you love most about the spring season?

If you could create your own spring lifestyle mood board, what would be on it?


Huong By Huong
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