I started following fashion bloggers back in 2013 and thought that it was pretty cool to see their style and how they made their living at the same time since most of them had day jobs and blogged on the side. I really didn’t think much about taking my own blog seriously until mid-way through 2016 was when I started to see a huge wave of “cookie-cutter” bloggers popping up.

Posts with a few photos, tons of affiliate links and a quick, “Thanks for stopping by,” flooded my screen. Apparent laziness and lack of effort began to really show and that’s what really did it for me. As I read these blog posts, I kept thinking, “What are readers getting out of their content besides ‘outfit inspiration’?” As these bloggers shilled more and more and the number of inauthentic posts grew, a burning desire to take blogging more seriously grew in me.

And that’s how She Sweats Diamonds began.

I wanted to document my health transformation, personal growth, and share my passions along with my favorite things, fleeting moments and people who influence who I am as a person. But, this blog had to be so much more than that.

I wanted SSD fill the gap in the fashion blogging industry by providing value.

Now, SSD is a multifaceted blog where I write about faith, fashion, beauty, wellness, personal growth, leadership, and sustainable living.

I’ve never been so sure nor this passionate about my contribution to the online world in my life. To say that I’m in love with my small space here on the internet where I can write to my heart’s content is an understatement!

However, I do hope the side-effect of SSD is a community where like-minded people can gather to share our struggles, support each other through hard times and just nerd out on things like fashion, makeup, travel and how we’re changing the world for the better in our own way.

It’s a big dream of mine for you to be a part of and contribute to SSD and ultimately connect with each other! And that’s why I’m here.

I’m here to serve you by communicating and connecting with you to inspire and help you be the best version of yourself.

However, I can’t lead others if I don’t lead myself and this blog is me leading myself first.

As my style evolves and I figure out and learn new things, it’s my mission to serve you by sharing my experiences. Aside from the fun stuff, I want to keep it real by talking about the not-so-fun things like navigating depression in friendships, losing a loved one, and anxiety.

I want SSD to be very human, struggles and all, so it’s my hope to bring you all things beautiful, but stay grounded by being transparent with you.

Think of this blog like an online diary of us adulting through life together.

For the longest time, I resisted blogging on a serious level, but my heart tugged at me so much that I couldn’t take it anymore. So here I am! My love for fashion and beauty is very real and I’m so grateful that it has brought me opportunities to collaborate with brands I love.

Today, my ultimate dream is to work and travel with my favorite brands to share with you my adventures and latest findings.

To partner with brands and tell stories together with their teams while changing the world and being on my own journey of self-discovery will always be a goal for this terrible plant mom and health enthusiast!

One last thing.

Don’t expect perfection here.

You’re going to see a lot of value to help you with your health, faith, fashion, beauty, leadership, and personal growth needs here.

But like Lara Casey said, “I’m likely going to mess up a lot and the funny thing is, I can’t wait. My goal of life isn’t to be perfect, but to live on purpose. I also promise that you’ll be on the messiest, but best ride of your life! Mess comes with living on purpose and it’s so worth it.”

I want you to walk away inspired to take action, fail forward and live your life on purpose because intentional living is the most fulfilling and humbling way to live.

Welcome to the diamond life!