Sephora Spring 2018 Bonus Event

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Sephora Spring 2018 Bonus Event | She Sweats Diamonds
Happy Friday Eve, loves! If you’ve been around SSD long enough, you’d know just how much I love makeup and skincare products!
So…let’s chat about all things beauty to celebrate the Sephora Spring 2018 Bonus Event that’s launching again! Obviously, this time, it’s for members of VIB and Beauty Insiders!
Here’s the lowdown: If you’re not already signed up, do it! After signing up for FREE to become a Sephora Beauty Insider member, you’re automatically qualified to shop the Sephora Spring 2018 Bonus Event at a starting point of 10% off. Over time, after you spend a certain amount on Sephora products, your Beauty Insider membership “upgrades” to a VIB or Rouge membership. 

Here are the dates and codes for this event:

  • VIB Members: receive 15% off 4/20 through 4/23, use code YAYVIB
  • BI Members: receive 10% off 4/20 through 4/23, use code YAYINSIDER

I’m at a VIB status (is that really a surprise?) so I’m going to have a blast this weekend, ha! Anyway, whatever member level you’re at, use these codes as many times as you want so stock up to save money! 


Skincare is still a big deal for me! Check out what I’m loving and what’s next on my radar, especially this face oil that reduced my redness overnight. #NotJoking


I’m a huge fan of lip colors, moisturizers and treatment of any kind so here are some products that I love! I just need to try the lip sleeping mask!


For some reason, I stopped using foundation for a few months and wore powder instead. I went back to it this week and wondered by I stopped in the first place! Here’s some I want to give a shot:


Some people nerd out on books. I do too, but I also nerd out on beauty tools and technology! Here’s what intrigues me as of currently:

If you’ve used any of these beauty products I’ve mentioned above, leave a comment and give me your honest opinion! I’d love to know what your thoughts are! Oh and if you have any questions about any of the products above, please feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram! I’m happy to help!

Remember, Sephora VIB + Beauty Insiders Member Event runs between April 20–23rd so stock up for summer!

What are y’all eyeing from the Sephora Spring 2018 Bonus Event?

Stay tuned because tomorrow, I’ll be sharing what’s in my shopping cart!

Note: Any product that I’ve mentioned that I love, I purchased myself. I was not gifted these products nor was I compensated or asked to review these products by Sephora or any (beauty) retailer. All opinions are solely my own.