Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Event

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Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Event - She Sweats Diamonds - Sephora sale - Drunk Elephant - Tatcha - skincare products to treat miliaHappy Friday Eve, loves! If you’ve been around SSD long enough, you’d know just how much I love makeup and skincare products and experimenting with them. For the last couple of years, I’ve been focused more on skincare because I need to #PreserveTheSexy. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t love me some makeup either!

Today, I wanted to give you details of the Beauty Insider Appreciation Event in case you’re needing anything along with my recommendations, products I love to stock up on and ones I want to try. 

Sephora Beauty Insider Membership

If you’re not a Sephora Beauty Insider yet, you’re missing out! For being a member alone, I’ve been educated on products from associates, been color-matched with foundations, can order in-store with free shipping and saved a ton of money on my favorite brands. On top of that, I’ve received many samples over the years on products I’m not quite ready to pull the trigger on yet. From my experience, go for the membership! It’s a free loyalty program that you can gain a lot from!

To gain access to this sale and Sephora sales in the future, just sign up as a Sephora Beauty Insider Member for free. After you sign up, you’re instantly qualified to shop the Beauty Insider Appreciation Event to get 10-20% off your purchases. It’s not a pain to sign up, I promise. 

Here’s how the the different levels work…

Everyone starts off at Beauty Insider level after signing up. Once you spend a minimum of $350 on Sephora products, your Beauty Insider membership will be moved up to the VIB level.

If you spend $1000, you’re a Rouge member, which includes free custom makeovers, access to invite-only events, and the best Sephora deals year-round! 

Points (1 point/$1 for Insider, 1.25 points/$1 for VIB and 1.5 points/$1 for Rouge) do roll over from year to year as long as you spend that amount within the same year. I save my points, but you can use them to get trial-sized products and sets. Now, with the new program, once you’re VIB, you can redeem points for full-sized products! That’s a change in the program that I definitely LOVE!

The 411 on the Beauty Insider Appreciation Event

First Access: August 24–29 • Sephora Rouge members get first dibs to shop top beauty finds at 20% off with code YESROUGE a full week earlier than Beauty Insider and VIB members. Note: Obviously, the dates have already passed, but I also knew that most of you guys are at the level of Insider or VIB like me so I wanted to wait to share this sale. 

The Main Event: August 30–September 3 • All VIB members will receive access to shop event products at 15% off with code YESVIB. For Beauty Insider members, you will be able to shop with 10% off with code YESINSIDER.

Now for the super fun stuff! Here are my recommendations, products I want to try and what I like to stock up on!

A few reviews on tried and true products if you plan on shopping the event:

I’m working on correcting the milia on my face without going to a dermatologist. So far, these products have been amazing and I’ve seen a lot of improvement: 

  • HERBIVORE Lapis Oil Balancing Facial Oil – This product reduces redness and really works. For me, I put this on before bed especially around my nose and wake up with no redness!
  • DRUNK ELEPHANT T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum – This Drunk Elephant serum is a bit tacky, but when I mix it with their marula oil, it’s fine. It’s really helped decrease the milia bumps on my face so far! 
  • DRUNK ELEPHANT T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial – I started trying this mask to help combat my milia and love how lightweight it is. I do feel a bit of tingling, but to use it once a week for 20 minutes and then wash it off? Worth it! I’ll report back to see how it does with my milia!
  • DRUNK ELEPHANT Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil – I tried the $40 size and love it SO much that I regret not getting the bigger size bottle. It’s so gentle on my skin!
  • TATCHA Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 – This is THE best sunscreen ever!!! It’s very pricey, but it goes on smooth like a baby’s bottom! The end result? My skin is matte, my pores disappear, there’s no whitecast (yay!) and my makeup stays matte. If you have combo/oily skin like I do, get this sunscreen.The price is WORTH it for less oily skin too! I’m NOT kidding. Do it. 

Skincare Products I Want to Try:

Hair Care Products I Want to Try:

  • OLAPLEX No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo – I have very thick, coarse and wavy hair. As much as I love my current shampoo, Davines North America, I want to get out of my comfort zone. From what reviews say, it really helps with thick, frizzy hair. I want to try this shampoo to see if it really lives up to the hype. I’ll report back and let you know what happens!
  • AQUIS Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel – I want a towel specifically for my hair instead of using my body towels so let’s see how this product does with my frizzy hair! 

Makeup Products I Want to Try:  

 Things I Like to Stock Up on During Sephora Sales:

I had planned to buy this shampoo, hair towel and jet lag mask last week, but I’m SO glad I waited because I didn’t know Sephora was going to have a sale, so yay! #ChampagneTasteOnABeerBudget tends to be my MO, ha!

If you’re planning on purchasing hair, makeup, or skincare items before the end of the year or want to get a head start for holiday gifts, this is a great time to get some brands that never go on sale that may not be sold elsewhere.

I hope you found my recommendations and picks helpful if you decide to peruse the Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Event!

What Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation event favorites do you have your eye on?

If you’ve used any of these beauty products I’ve mentioned above, leave a comment with your honest opinion. I’d love to know your thoughts. Oh and if you have any questions about any of the products above, please feel free to leave a comment, email me or DM me on Instagram. I’m happy to help! 

Stay tuned because next week, I’ll be sharing what ended up in my shopping cart!

Note: Any product that I’ve mentioned that I love, I purchased myself. I was not gifted these products nor was I compensated or asked to review these products by Sephora or any (beauty) brand. All opinions are solely my own.