Season of Growth

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Season of Growth | She Sweats Diamonds

One of my favorite seasons of the year is Spring. When I think of Spring, I think of new blooms. Flowers are in a new season of growth. Trees are coming alive again and birds are back to their familiar surroundings. Each spring, I like to do a self audit and think of different phases of my life. Am I going in the direction I want to go? More importantly, am I going in the direction God wants me to go?

This past week, I told my young professionals group at church that unlike most people, it’s not fear of failure that I’m afraid of. It’s fear of success. I was then asked, “Well, if you’re already failing at things, isn’t that succeeding?” I agreed to what my friend said, but I told him that I’m pretty certain my fear of success is coming from self-worth and the whole, “Am I worthy of success?” thing.

One thing I love about spring is that everything that was dying or once dead comes back to life again. It’s not dead forever. I guess you can say it’s dormant. Just like flowers and trees, I’m ready for a new season to bloom. Personally, as fearful as I am of success, I feel like I’ve been growing so much in the last six months and that God has been giving me signs that He is ready to prune and trim me this year.

I’m growing in my relationship with God, my relationships with new friends are growing and my writing and fashion style are also evolving.

I really do believe 2017 will be a season of major growth for me. Maybe that’s why I’m looking forward to spring so much right now. That and peonies! Let’s face it, I really love spring because of all its pretty colors!

So, when it comes to new phases in life, do we run from it or embrace change? For me, any kind of change is scary, but change can be a good thing if we choose to see it as a good thing. I was once told, “If God closes a door, He’ll open a window.” I firmly believe that I’m going to be just fine in my new season of growth.

After all, I can’t wish for more opportunities to meet new people, travel and work with brands if I’m not willing to embrace something new each day, right?

God prunes us when He is about to take into a new season of growth and expansion. - Christine Caine Share on X

How about you? How do you handle seasons of growth and change?

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend ahead! 

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