PSA: Winter Sales Alert

PSA: Winter Sales Alert | She Sweats Diamonds

You know what’s a first-class, first world problem? Not having an amazing winter wardrobe. Seriously, it’s a legit first-class, first world problem. Anyway, I can’t believe what I’m about to say, but I’m sick of “winter”. I’m pretty sure it’s most likely it’s because I barely have a winter wardrobe. And I put ‘winter’ in air quotes because #TexasWeather. Hey, I’m just being real with you here.

Anyway, winter sales are coming up and a ton of stuff is getting marked down. Included in these great sales are boots/booties. I bit the bullet this morning and purchased these pearl booties to replace a pair of black booties my bff’s mom gave me years ago. Sidenote, the original price is $180 and it’s now marked down 25% so I had to. It was really a now or never kind of thing.

Speaking of now or never, I wanted to round up a lot of my finds during my online shopping quest these last couple of days. In addition to clothes, I’ve included shoes, makeup, jewelry and accessories for you guys so you don’t miss out. 

As always I’ve included lots of items that are on sale/marked down. However, this time, I included items with great reviews so you know you got a great bang for your buck! Nab whatever you need quick because sizes will sell out. 

Check out my winter sales finds below and don’t forget to click the small arrow on the right to see more items! 

Take note that some of the items you see above come in multiple colors (i.e. sweaters and cardigans) so click through to see if it’s available in a color you want!

Is there anything you’re hunting during winter sales?

I know I don’t post a lot of outfits that are current. It’s only because I like to get things on sale so by the time I post about them, items are sold out. However, I will work on getting better by posting items I know you’ll love so you don’t miss out!

Do you guys have any plans this weekend? I’m going to be celebrating the Lunar New Year (it’s the year of the puppy, I mean dog, haha!) with my mom, spend time with my bestie who’s in town and see a ballet with my church friends.

Let me know in the comments because I always like to know what you guys are up to!

Have a great weekend!

Oh and make sure you click on this link if you plan on nabbing these pearl booties. The website has several different pairs that look VERY similar and some are marked at regular price…unless you want the V-cut pearl booties

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