Product Review: Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoes

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Product Review: Nike Epic Flyknit Running Shoes in Pearl Pink | She Sweats Diamonds

Happy Hump Day, y’all! If I’m being honest, I love to review beauty products or services I use or am gifted. Whether it’s a first-time introduction to a brand or a holy grail product, I love to test out things and experiences and share my thoughts with you. Never have I reviewed clothes, shoes, bags or accessories so I decided to change that today! 

For this week’s Wellness Wednesday post, I wanted to give you my thoughts on the super popular Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoe. I’m always on the lookout for stylish workout shoes. However, I look for shoes that also live up to its claims, at least for me. 

It’s important to me for gym shoes to do what it’s supposed to do and let’s be real, make me feel good at the same time. Now, I’m not an expert runner or anything nor do I know what to look for in a running shoe, but I know comfort in a shoe when I feel it.

Here’s my review of the Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoe and what I personally tend to look for in workout shoes:


I listed style first because I’m not lying when I say that I look for style first and foremost. Now, I normally don’t go for thick-soled shoes like these, but I feel that these don’t “add bulk” to my feet. I hate it when the back of a sneaker rubs the back of my foot when I walk. Lastly, I love how I don’t feel like I’m clonking (is that even a word?) around in them! 


I feel like the material is similar if not the same from past Flyknit styles so I love it! It’s thick enough that I don’t feel like it’s cheap and could fall apart any moment. The flexibility of the fabric allows room for my feet to move and breathe during hard workouts. And as someone who works out quite often now, it’s something I very much appreciate.

Fit / Support

To me, I have to get used to getting into them as the tongue is sewn into the rest of the shoe. The fact that I don’t have to adjust the tongue (my biggest footwear pet peeve) every few minutes makes me happy. Definitely makes up for the slight difficult ability of putting on these shoes. I feel the laces are a bit tighter across the top of my foot than what I’m used to, but nothing a little adjusting didn’t fix. The fit might not work for some people as I think it runs slightly narrow.

Comfort Level

I’m NOT kidding when I say I feel like I’m walking on clouds when I wear these shoes. They’re so lightweight and the extra pep in my step is literal, ha! I feel like these are part pogo sticks, lol! My arches are also supported which is a big plus in my book. Definitely want to buy the nude pair and a black pair because of how comfortable they are!

Personally, I don’t care if these are made for running. If my feet are happy with them when I’m at the gym, then gym shoes they are! How about you?

Have you heard of the Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoes?

As you can see from my personal Instagram account, I’ve been a huge fan of the Flyknit style for a long time. So is it that BIG of a surprise that I love these Nike Epic React Flyknits? No. No, it isn’t. 

If you’re interested, you can shop this style below. I’m telling you, these are flying off the shelf (see what I did there?)! Nordstrom has restocked the blush pink several times already! They’re currently sold out in that color at Nordstrom, but keep checking back! However, I’ve linked other color options for you so check them out! 


Note: I purchased these shoes myself. I was not gifted these running shoes nor was I compensated or asked to review these shoes by Nike or any activewear or sporting goods retailer. All opinions are solely my own.