Product Review: Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

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Product Review: Fresh Sugar Lip Polish | She Sweats Diamonds

Happy Tuesday, loves! I usually post a weekly outfit, but not this week. With it raining on and off all weekend, I just couldn’t fit a shoot into my schedule around other things I had to do, so today, you get a beauty product review!

It’s been a few months since I’ve shared a beauty product review anyway, so I thought I’d share a new product review along with some tips for you!

I don’t know about you, but one thing I can’t stand when it comes to beauty is dry/cracked or flaky lips. 

Now that I’m done telling you one of my so-called beauty pet peeves, here are a few tips to prevent cracked/dry lips. Some obvious. Some not so obvious. Wait. They’re all obvious. But just in case you didn’t know…

Drink lots of water. 

This is obviously a “le duh” tip. Since our skin is our body’s largest organ, we have to take care of it starting from the inside. Most people don’t think about it, but whatever your lips touch depending on what you drink, it can dry out your skin/lips. I mean, if a Coke can take the acid off a car battery, what is it doing to your skin/body you know? Drink agua, nước or however you say ‘water’ because you’ll be thanking yourself later!

Don’t lick your lips. 

I used to lick my lips a lot growing up and had no clue that my saliva was causing my dry lips. If I didn’t have chapstick, I’d lick my lips. Bad idea. I know it may be a hard thing to quit doing, but saliva contains enzymes that wears down our lips’ already thin skin. It’s a hard habit to break, but if I could do it, so can you!

Don’t pick at or pull on your lips’ skin. 

I also cannot stand it when people pick at their lips. It’s as bothersome for me like nails on a chalkboard is for someone else. My best guy friend is SO guilty of this so I’m always lecturing him when he picks on his lips. It only took me one time picking at my skin to stop because it lead to bleeding and just took forever to heal. Picking at your skin causes your skin to open up giving germs another way to enter your body. As I’m typing this, maybe that’s how my best guy friend gets sick a lot. Hmmm…

Use a lip scrub and a lip treatment.

Using a scrub to exfoliate will help remove dead skin, keeping your lips soft. Ever since I discovered my favorite lip treatment, I’ve never been anywhere without it. Useless fact for you to know: I cannot go to bed without putting on some kind of lip treatment. I know it sounds weird, but I just can’t sleep if my lips are dry. Dry or cracked lips is not attractive nor does it feel good.

Confession: I purchased Fresh’s sugar lip polish about a year or so ago and am just now using it, ha! It’s been about a week since I started using it and I must say, it really does the job! It leaves your lips soft, smooth and feels like you put on a good lip moisturizer after you take the scrub off. I love the smell and a little goes a long way. I can tell this pot is going to last me a while since I plan on using it about three times a week. Heck, I may buy a pot for my best guy friend for his birthday to kick his habit!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s beauty product review. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’ve also linked this sugar lip scrub and other lip products I use or want to try below if you want to shop them! 

Are you a fan of Fresh beauty products?

What lip products have you tried that you love? Let me know!


Note: This beauty product was purchased by me. I was not gifted this product nor was I compensated or asked to review this product by Fresh or any (beauty) retailer. All opinions are solely my own.