Product Review: Dior ‘Crème de Rose’ Lip Balm

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Product Review: Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm | She Sweats Diamonds

In an attempt to revive my childhood where my mom would sit me down, paint my fingernails, apply make up on me at my request on school and non-school days along with memories of shopping with her at the mall (although I was more interested in hiding in clothes racks and scaring her, haha), I’ve gone on a major beauty binge these last couple of years. Hey Sephora, you can thank me if you’d like with a little somethin’ somethin’ in my mailbox if you want! 

Now, I’m no beauty expert nor do I claim to be a beauty blogger because I just blog about what I like or don’t like. A few weeks ago, I talked about my favorite skincare products so to add to that, I bring you a review of Dior ‘Crème de Rose’ Lip Balm!

I’ve tried every lip balm out there since high school. The infamous Chapstick, Carmex (did you see a viral post about the girl who took Carmex with her everywhere she went?!), Burt’s Bees, Maybelline’s Baby Lips, and EOS are among the many balms I’ve tried over the years. Let’s face it. Chapstick is just one of those things you lose and never find until you move, feng shei your room or change handbags. At least for me, ha! Carmex is thick, does the job, has staying power and is my nighttime-must. Burt’s Bees has the small tint of color I want and I love what they stand for. Maybelline’s Baby Lips feels amazing! You put it on and not even 20 minutes later, you’re gliding it on again and before you know it, you’re at the drugstore buying another.

I go through balms so fast because I can’t stand going to bed with dry or chapped lips. Talk about a restless night. Nu uh. No way.

It wasn’t until Kristina’s massive beauty post three years ago that I decided to play with more beauty products. When I saw Dior’s lip balm in her post, I decided to give potted balms another shot. Let me be clear. I really hate putting on balm with my fingers. (Case in point: I used to put Carmex on with a cotton swab…when I was in middle school. Not kidding.) Dirt gets in those cute little pots, my finger coated in product with nothing to wipe it on after I put it on my lips and since it’s not my favorite way to put on balm, it just gets buried in the bottom of my bag.

After trying Dior’s lip balm, I must say that I’m in L-O-V-E, love! This amazing balm comes in a beautiful screw top ceramic-like (feels like it, not that it is) pot. No more lids popping off in my bag (Nivea, I’m talking to you). The balm itself is a beautiful blush pink and the smell is wondrous. My favorite part? A light rose scent that’s so incredibly addicting. The good and bad part? It stays on for so long, that it’s hours until I can smell its deliciousness again. Yeah, it’s the truth. Did I mention that it’s not sticky, moisturizes, a lip plumper and has an SPF of 10 too? Okay. You can now buy yourself something nice. Go ahead. I give you permission. ::wink::

What’s your favorite summer lip product?


Note: This beauty product was purchased by me. I was not gifted this product nor was I compensated or asked to review this product by any (beauty) retailer. All opinions are solely my own.