In the Navy :: OTK Boots & Blush Crossbody Bag

In the Navy :: OTK Boots & Blush Crossbody Bag | She Sweats Diamonds

First of all, I can’t believe this is my first outfit post for 2017! I know. Pigs just flew! Secondly, did I mention that I’m totally giddy about blogging again? Yep, I really and truly am so happy to be back to writing!

Apologies for today’s post being a little late. I’m sure you agree that it’s hard getting used to routine again after a vacation even if it is short.

Anyway, for this week’s look, I wanted to share a casual and laid-back outfit I wore a little over a month ago. The weather started cooling off in Texas so I was happy to bust out not just any pair of boots, but my OTK boots!

I’ve been eyeing these OTK boots for several years, but I just couldn’t make myself pull the trigger. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I received them as a gift for my birthday a little over a year ago!

In the Navy :: OTK Boots & Blush Crossbody Bag | She Sweats Diamonds

After wearing these boots for two seasons, I can say they are definitely worth the investment. Recently, I walked all over NYC (close to 20 miles in a weekend!) with them so I can see why many women splurge this kind of footwear!

Lately, I’ve been all about simple yet comfortable looks. Some may see my outfit in today’s post as “basic” or boring, but as long as I feel put together, it’s all that matters.

Anyway, a few tips if you want to keep your outfit casual and look like you have your life together. First things first, keep it simple. Begin with a palette of just 2-3 colors. For this look, I mixed a navy sweater and black OTK boots with my jeans.

To me, this color combo is so classic and easy to throw together if you’re in a hurry. Next, break up the dark hues with a lighter-colored accessory like a bag or sunglasses. For my outfit, I went a neutral-colored bag. You can also choose brown-framed sunglasses. Finally, add some interest. I finished my look with some gold filigree-ish earrings for a subtle metallic pop. You can also add a necklace with a lot of texture or shine to keep your look from being too boring.

Leggings will also work for a put together and casual look. But make sure to check off a few things from the “fashion police” list so you don’t look like a hot mess, ha! First, your leggings should NOT be see-through. Second, your sweater should not be see-through. Lastly, the length of your sweater should cover a few inches below your butt. Is it me or does it bother you too when you see other women dress the opposite of what I just said?!

In the Navy :: OTK Boots & Blush Crossbody Bag | She Sweats Diamonds

Navy Sweater | Jeans | OTK Boots | Addie Earrings | Crossbody Bag (velvet crossbody bag) | Aviator Sunglasses

Since I like to keep things real around here, I found some similar OTK styles for y’all if you’re looking for some. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money, these vegan suede OTK boots go for $95 and these waterproof OTK boots are just under $200.

My goal is to keep it real with you and cover all types of budgets. Because of that, I felt it was appropriate to share exactly what I wore in today’s post. Additionally, I wanted to share similar pieces with price ranges from inexpensive to mid-priced to investment price ranges to give you some options.

Let me know in the comments below if you want to see more of these type of posts!

What kind of girl are you? OTK boots, heeled, booties or riding boots?


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