Online Shopping: 7 Tips to Save Money & Time

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Online Shopping: 7 Tips to Save Money & Time | She Sweats Diamonds

If you know me at all, you’d know that I hate shopping at malls. Granted, I love to buy now, wear now instead of waiting for the FedEx guy and prefer to see items in person. However, large crowds, jammed clothing racks, sold out sizes and long lines are not my thing. That’s why I love to shop online. If you catch me at a mall, it’d be after work during the week when it’s virtually deserted, ha! 

If you’re like me and prefer to shop online in your PJs with a glass of wine in hand, I’ve gathered some tips to save you money and time when you do your online shopping! You’re welcome in advance.


    First things first, refer to sizing charts and pay close attention to them! Sizes vary from retailer to retailer not to mention country to country. For instance, a brand I love is Three Floor. In the US, I’m a size 4/6. In the UK, I’d be an 8/10. If you have to, measure yourself before you add the item to your cart. Case in point, I ordered a beautiful skater skirt from Asos that was a size too small for me about five years ago. I shed a few tears when I gave it away recently. Yes, I loved it that much to have kept it that long.


    Would you really pay a lot for a dress made of 100% polyester? I probably wouldn’t. Since my personal fashion goal is quality over quantity, I’m shopping for more pieces made of linen, silk, cotton rather than polyester. Some retailers also state where it’s sourced from as well. Nordstrom does a great job by including links to videos about how to’s and fit/sizing too.

    Reading the description also tells you how to care for the item. A few years ago, I was browsing the Forever 21 website and saw this terrible review on a top I thought was amazing. The customer talked about how the top got ruined after she pulled it out of the washer. I read the description of the item and how to care for it. Yep, it said to hand wash. Cue the laughter. Anyway, if you hate hand washing or the hassle of taking your clothes to the dry cleaners, reading the item description will save you a ton of time!


    One of the main things I do when shopping for an item on my wishlist is to read customer reviews. On many occasions, I have NOT purchased an item on based on customer reviews. Just because you find a beautiful piece doesn’t mean it’s high quality or will fit correctly. AnthropologieNordstrom and Sephora are my favorite places to shop. I love how they let their customers voice their opinions. Reviews have saved me a lot time not to mention money. Trust your fellow shoppers! 


    When it comes to discounts and coupon codes, I have no shame whatsoever, especially when it comes to fashion! I look for coupon codes on Retail Me Not and then log in to eBates to find if there’s any money back from the retailer I’m wanting to order from. Just type in the retailer you want to shop with to see if your retailer is a participant and what percentage off they’re currently offering. From there, eBates will take you to the retailer’s website. Your cash back obviously depends on the amount you spend. Once you reach a minimum of $20, eBates will send you a check! I’ve saved over $100 through eBates from my shopping these last two years. Online shopping is justified when you can save money, am I right? 


    Yes, I’m an enabler. But, I promise I’m a good one! Hear me out. Have you ever regretted a purchase you didn’t make? Me too. It’s been several years and I still can’t get over missing out on these black Vince Camuto bow loafers. First, check the return policy. If you’re okay with the return policy, buy it! It’s better to purchase an item, change your mind and return it than to not purchase something you loved only to learn that the item on your wishlist will not be restocked. I’ve had many regrets not buying what I really wanted. Life is too short. Buy the bag or shoes and keep the receipt. Just take my word for it. 


    When doing your online shopping, create an account with the retailer/brand you’re shopping with. Confirm your email subscription (depending on the company, you’ll get a welcome code for a discount) and as weird as this sounds, start putting items in your cart or saving items to your wishlist! If you’re not ready to pull the trigger, leave your pieces in your shopping cart. It’s a tad bit creepy, but I’ve noticed that retailers will email me with the item(s) I still have in my cart with a friendly “don’t miss out” reminder.

    Since they obviously have the ability to keep an eye on your shopping habits, some brands may even send you coupons to entice you to save money by buying now. Scary, but score for you!  


    If you’re online shopping and see an item you want that’s sold out, call or email customer service. Ask them if they can locate any stock in your size. You never know what they can find for you. J. Crew‘s customer care team is REALLY amazing. Their reps have helped me find items within their inventory across the country I’m looking for that are sold out online. As a customer, even if they came up empty-handed, it’s their effort that mattered to me.

I hope these tips help you with your online shopping! Whether it’s shopping a sale or for the holidays, the more time and money you save, the more enjoyable shopping is! 

Happy Friday Eve, loves!