Neutral Addict: My Current Wardrobe Wishlist

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Neutral Addict: My Current Wardrobe Wishlist | She Sweats Diamonds

As I’m gearing up for NYC with my besties next month, it got me to thinking about what outfits to wear while the weather is still hot. I’m not going to lie, I’m been heavily gravitating towards all things neutral lately, so much that I want to share with my fellow neutral addicts what’s on my current wardrobe wishlist for summer and fall!


I love white especially in cotton and silk fabrics. I feel so pretty wearing white especially when I’m tan. Anyone else feel this way? White also makes an outfit look airy and comfortable kind of like how a home feels when natural light pours in! 


Obviously black is slimming, but there’s something about a black that makes you look so chic! Add gold (or even rose gold) accessories and you instantly look like you took a page out of Audrey Hepburn’s style! 


Grey is a total neutral if you don’t want to go for a striking, “hard” look that black typically brings to an outfit. I’m a huge fan of every shade from light grey to charcoal grey to blue-grey


I’m falling harder and harder for this neutral shade for the mere fact that it just makes an outfit look expensive. Camel coats, jackets, skirts, dresses, whatever the piece is, it just elevates an outfit. I can’t wait to test out my looks with shades of cream and tan and combine it with black this fall! 



If you follow me on Instagram, it’s obvious that I love blush/millennial pink, but nude pink? Get in my closet! Right. Now! I totally consider nude pink a neutral just because I feel like the color is flattering on a lot of skin tones. Don’t you agree?

I hope you enjoyed my finds for my personal wardrobe wishlist! I tend to go to black most of the time, but this year, I’m trying to refrain and go for all the other colors on this list above just to have a great neutral foundation for my closet. 

What neutral color(s) do you tend to add to your wardrobe wishlist the most?

What are y’alls plans this weekend? I’ll be shopping, running errands and finally get my hair cut! I’ll post a pic on Instagram soon enough! Happy Friday! 

Image via Marianna Hewitt