Navy Navy :: Skinny Jeans & Bell-Sleeve Top

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Navy Navy :: Skinny Jeans & Bell-Sleeve Top | She Sweats Diamonds

Navy Navy :: Skinny Jeans & Bell-Sleeve Top | She Sweats Diamonds

Hey y’all! I’m back with an outfit of the week! Today’s look is simple, simple, simple! When I cleaned out my closet last year, I realized I hardly had anything in navy. So, I’ve been slowly incorporating navy blue pieces into my wardrobe. Case in point with this outfit and now, this top is part of the navy family.

I’m not one to spend a lot of money when it comes to trends or if something is 100% polyester. However, I made an acception for this bell-sleeve top. Considering I wore a beautiful lace bell-sleeve blouse from Express to death when I was in high school, I was ready to full welcome back this trend.

On top of that, even though this top is made of polyester, the fact that it was $18 made me pretty happy with my purchase. The subtle bell sleeves are totally on trend. The navy is perfect for a neutral look and the peplum hem? Well, the fact that the good people at Mossimo thought about helping a sista out by designing such a piece for her taco tummy is so thoughtful. Much appreciated Target for carrying this top. MUCH appreciated.

There are so many wins with this bell-sleeve top. It doesn’t break the bank, is super comfy and long. However, I will say if I do end up buying another bell-sleeve top, I will make sure the sleeves are a bit shorter like this black knit top, for it this trend to be less annoying. I mean, can you imagine accidentally dipping them in guacamole or salsa? Not even your Tide stick can save you, lol! 

Even though the sleeves are long, I also don’t hate this striped top. It’s totally cute for spring. Try this grey and white striped top (under $20) if you want your bell sleeves to be more dramatic and aren’t planning any meals around chips and guac, ha!

If feel iffy about trends in general, try purchasing whatever trend you want to try in a neutral color like beige, grey black, white or navy! Stay tuned for a great post for #WellnessWednesday tomorrow!


Bell-Sleeve Top (sold out, blush bell-sleeve top under $50) | Skinny Jeans | Flats (old, similar lace flats) | Avery Crossbody Bag | Earrings (last summer, very similar earrings)