My Huge 2019 Health Goal I’m Working Towards

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“I believe the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” —Joyce Meyers

A little over a week ago, I made my triumphant return to the gym. Yep, I’m already talking about my 2019 health goal.

Why? Since returning from my vacation, I’ve been incredibly motivated to be the best version of myself. All the brainstorming and planning is the reason why I’ve been quiet on my Instagram lately.

Stepping it up a few notches, I evolved and grew my mindset, changed my eating habits even more and stayed extremely consistent with my sweat sessions.

My Huge 2019 Health Goal I’m Working Towards | She Sweats Diamonds - APL Techloom Phantom - Old Navy Activewear - Lululemon leggings

The hardest one so far?

Getting consistent, quality sleep!

However, I will say that I’m getting much better at it with two birdies named Rachel and Sarah chirping in my ear, ha!

Why the changes? Why the big health goal?

Truthfully, I’m tired of feeling physically tired. And I’m also tired of not being able to fit into my current wardrobe. I’m tired of not having tons of energy. I want my old, energetic self back and I want it NOW.

In past posts, I’ve talked about how I stay motivated in the gym, but after reading about how Caitlin got into shape for her wedding, I’m really motivated now. For some reason, it drives me to get better and improve in all areas of my life when I see others accomplish milestones and hit their goals.

After watching my bestie compete in a triathlon, it really encouraged me to get better with my health even more so.

And with that, I accepted the challenge to be in a relay marathon with my besties next summer where I’ll be doing the running segment. 

Why running, you ask?

Three reasons: 1) I can’t swim, 2) my besties hate running and 3) I kind of like running and am decent at it.

Also, if I want to be able to outrun zombies in the future, I’m pretty sure it’s a skill set I’ll need so I’ll be good to go!

But I will say that I don’t see myself doing marathons or anything of that sort. Races like 5 or 10Ks way later on down the road, yes. I just don’t love running enough to do marathons so I’m not going to torture myself.

Anyway, here’s my current plan for my journey to my first relay marathon:


Whether it’s a good friend of mine or an app I use, I plan on getting some advice so I can learn how to run properly. Everything from how my feet should land on the ground to proper running shoes and gear, I want to learn it all from the experts!


I haven’t set a schedule/plan yet. However, I started to walk/run on my days off from my HIIT classes. My average is a little over 12 minutes a mile right now, so lots of room for improvement.


This is the fun part for me, haha! I can’t say no to improving my workout wardrobe! For me, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the athleisure look so why not incorporate my style into the health part of my life? I look forward to share my running/training looks with you soon too!

I can’t wait to hit my 2019 health goal! My ultimate goal is to get in shape ahead of my future marriage and children. And I want to stay that way throughout and beyond my 30s. I feel that I owe it to my future husband and kids because they’ll need me to be at my best and I’m ready to be my best self!

The one key factor I know that will help me reach my goals is knowing that the limit is not my body, but my mind. In conjunction with my physical training, I’ll be upping my personal development to improve my mindset every single day.

Is this journey going to be easy? No. But will be it be worth it? Absolutely!

If you’ve already thought about it, what’s your 2019 health goal?

No matter how big or small your goals are, let me know in the comments! I’d love to cheer you on!


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