Elegance is the only beauty that never fades. —Audrey Hepburn

They say that the five people you surround yourself with is who you become. For me, I choose to not see it that way.

Personally, I choose to believe who I surround myself with is who I want to reflect with in life and in business. It’s like how light reflects off of a diamond.

When the light catches a diamond, the glimmer that bounces off of it is eye-catching. That is what I want with the people I surround myself with in life.

Lately, I’ve learned that who I intentionally keep in my life/follow has truly influenced the way I want to live my life.

My Growing Love for Vintage - She Sweats Diamonds - Chanel Coffret Set “The Three Moods” No.5, No. 22, Bois des Iles (1924)

However, I’ve been trying really hard to not adopt their personal style, their standards of beauty, their home decor tastes, etc. I know that eventually is what happens when you follow someone for a while. You become more like them unintentionally.

For example, if you guys have been following me a while, you know that I love black, white, grey, and neutrals. However, just because I love neutrals doesn’t mean I want pampas grass stems and all things off-white in my home like everyone seems to have in their homes.

That leads me to today’s discussion. One person has influenced me a lot lately (and in the best way possible) and that’s Audrey Leighton Rogers. Everything I believe when it comes to blogging, this woman just outright calls it out too. And I love that she’s not afraid to share whatever is on her mind. I appreciate that there’s someone out there who is real and has similar perspectives like me.

Another topic Audrey has influenced me on a lot is related to vintage fashion and beauty.

The more I watch her stories and absorb her content, the more I realize that there’s a need to adopt the “out with the new and in with the old” mindset.

And it was reinforced when I went antique shopping a few weekends ago. I was out looking for some home decor and yet the things that caught my eye most were fashion and beauty. What I saw brought me back in time to a different era, a time when women loved to dress up even for the simplest moments. I ended up purchasing this gorgeous Chanel fragrance set to gift to a friend who loves fragrances and perfumes. Oh, how I wish you could smell this photo through your screen because the scent is beautiful and so alive!

To truly take time in putting your outfit together, the thought put into accessorizing, and the final touches of a fragrance before you head out the door — I want to get back to this kind of getting ready, this kind of luxury living.

And considering I’m a huge fan of buying secondhand/consignment shopping, why not start hunting for vintage treasures? Why not look for special pieces in time to add to your closet? I mean, that’s what having a timeless wardrobe is all about, don’t you think?

As time goes on, I cannot wait to expand my search for vintage designer pieces to add to my wardrobe. Shopping vintage is a part of sustainable living, but it doesn’t hurt to have fun by experiencing the thrill of the hunt!

How about you? Do you love vintage things? If so, what do you love most about it?