My Favorite Lip Treatments & Balms for Winter

My Favorite Lip Treatments & Balms for Winter | She Sweats Diamonds

Is it weird that I can’t sleep until I put some kind of a lip treatment on? I know it sounds weird, but I’ll get out of bed after getting all cozy and comfortable just to put a lip treatment on if I’ve forgotten. Otherwise, I just can’t sleep if my lips are dry or even semi dry!

As the weather gets colder, I level up on my beauty routine and products I use, especially when it comes to skincare. Today, I wanted to share my favorite lip treatments and lip balms that have helped me get through past winters:

FRESH Lip Treatment

One of my top favorite lip treatments for winter that I’ve been using for years! My favorite shade? Rosé. It’s just the perfect amount of pink for a natural look. I don’t know how many tubes I’ve gone through, but I buy several at one time so I always have an emergency back up ready.

FRESH Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator

A little goes a long way with this lip scrub. I just use a q-tip to dig a little bit out of the pot and put it on my lips. Then I take my finger and scrub in a circular motion. It feels like you put on a good lip moisturizer after you’ve taken off the scrub and leaves your lips soft and smooth!


This balm reminds me of Dior’s Crème de Rose with it’s light pink tint, except it has no color when you put it on. A plus about this balm is that it has SPF 15. The tin can is small and thin enough to just pop it in your bag and go!

LANOLIPS Tinted Balm

Another favorite balm that I discovered earlier this year through Lydia. It’s super thick so squeezing the tube takes a little work. This balm goes on thick and leaves a nice pink tint. So if you’re at the gym and want some hydration with a bit of sheen and color, this is it.

DIOR Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm

This my absolute favorite lip balm of all lip balms of all time. I don’t know why, but Dior Beauty has discontinued this product. If I had known they were going to do that, I would’ve stocked up on at least 20 more to last me the rest of my life! Rest in peace, my favorite-smelling lip balm. I’ll always love you.

KOPARI Coconut Lip Glossy

On those cold days and you just want to remember the good ol’ summer days, this coconut lip glossy is the answer. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun, when you use it, am I right? Kopari’s lip glossy is very lightweight and super smooth in texture. I personally prefer the clear of the colors offered.

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

I just started using this last night and oh. My. God. The beauty Gods have shined down on me. No wonder this lip mask has received rave reviews! I’ve become a huge fan of Laneige this year and don’t think I’ll ever stop now!

What about you? Are you like me and need to put something on your lips before going to bed? If so…

What are your favorite lip treatments and balms?


Winter is coming so I don’t mind one bit if you told me you have ten different kinds of lip treatments and balms, ha!