I don’t like trends. They tend to make everyone look the same. —Carolina Herrera

So you know how I told you that I tend to write blog articles in as real-time as possible? Well, today’s article is about as real as it gets!

I was having lunch this past weekend with my best friend and we were talking about pet peeves.

We hit every subject imaginable. I mean we laughed and we got mutually irritated together, haha!

Somehow, we got on the topic of my beauty pet peeves. I told you this was going to be a fun article, lol!

My Beauty Pet Peeves - She Sweats Diamonds - Huong Vo - luxury makeup flatlay

I decided to write a fun(ny) blog post to share with you some things about beauty that irks me.


This one is probably one of my biggest beauty pet peeves. If I can’t stop staring at your eyes, it isn’t because I’m admiring your beauty.

I’m trying to stay focused on what you’re SAYING versus thinking about ugly spider legs you think are lashes. True story. Ask me about my experience when I was talking to a woman who had terrible eye makeup years ago.


Leave the roll-on glitter in the 90s where it belongs. I’ll leave this at that.


Yep, this is when your face foundation doesn’t match the skin color of your neck. How do you fix it? Next time someone takes a flash photo of you while you’re at dinner, check yourself out. This is the part where looking at yourself first in a photo is acceptable.

If there’s a color difference between your face and neck, go to the nearest beauty counter at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or Sephora and have them color-match you.


If you’re a public figure or influencer of some kind and someone asks you questions about your appearance, be honest. Own. It. If you’re wearing fake eyelashes, say so. If you had lip injections, admit it, especially when there are before/after pictures of you on this thing called the interwebs.

I mean, if you got something done to boost your confidence, it’s okay. Many people have no problem with that. No one is judging your choice to have procedures done except for the part where you’re lying to them if it’s blatantly obvious.


Doublecheck yourself with a mirror before you leave the house or your car, girlfriend. If I focus hardcore on your eyes and you don’t have terrible lashes, you may have lipstick on your teeth.

I’m not sure if I would tell you either. Am I being cruel? Maybeee…


I don’t care if you love PSLs, scarves, boots, and all things fall. You’re not a scarecrow. If your hair looks straw-like, you’re overdue for a haircut like two years ago.

Yeah, that was harsh, but hey, I’m trying to keep you from looking like a hot mess. Go get a chop. This is coming from a girl who cuts her hair about every six months at the latest. Don’t forget to ask your stylist what shampoo you should use too. You may be using the wrong shampoo for your hair type.


If the color washes your face out, save yourself the stares. There’s a reason professional makeup artists exist.

Ask an expert if you want a certain color and they can match you to the best color possible with your skin tone. Doing so will enhance your face and give you a boost of confidence.


Seriously. I can’t tell you how much distinct yellow teeth bother me. It’s not hard to whiten your teeth.

Heck, it’s not hard to brush your teeth. However, don’t do it like Ross Geller did (where are my Friends fans at?). Natural white not black light weird white.


I mean, there are so many levels of “bad tan” to this. Having an orange-toned tan is one. Uneven tan in a sense where you looked like you forgot to color in the entire color-by-numbers picture is another.

And let’s not forget, the worst kind of tan is one that’s so bad that you look like you have leathery skin. If I feel the need to stretch your skin out so I can feel better, we’ve got a problem.


Cracked, dried, flaky feet is not attractive. If you have it because you’re too lazy to moisturize, then for the love of all things holy, do others a favor, and don’t wear flipflops. You’re not crack-a-lackin’. You’re lotion-a-lackin’. That and drink more water.

What about you?


I hope you enjoyed today’s light-hearted post because I certainly enjoyed writing it, haha! I asked my friends on Facebook and they mentioned #3 on my list above, lots of mascara and eyeliner that it runs everywhere, excess blush where you look like you just ran a marathon (hahaha!), and painted/drawn on brows (including the new wavy brow trend), lol!

Please note that I’m a very lighthearted person so this post is meant to be fun and personally opinionated. If you like any of the above, more power to you! I just implore that you don’t apply these “beauty standards” just because everyone else is doing it. Just be you! Everyone else is already taken.



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