My 10-Piece NYC Summer Wardrobe

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My 10-Piece NYC Summer Wardrobe - She Sweats Diamonds - Anthropologie Lace Top - Rebecca Minkoff Beige Avery Crossbody - Steve Madden Pearl Sandals

In less than a week, I’ll be on a much-needed, out-of-state vacation and I’m SO excited! I’ll be heading to Philly to see my bestie accomplish a triathlon and spend time with her in between her summer classes. For the hours she’ll be teaching, I’ll be creating content. So, that means I’ll be working on deleting a lot of photos from my phone this week (minimum goal: 5,000), haha! 

We have a few things we plan to do in NYC as well. I hope to be able to capture as much content for you guys as possible while I’m back in the Big Apple. Speaking of, it’s been fun to spend some money (albeit a little bit of money) again on outfits to share with y’all! Although my wallet and heart hurts a bit, I feel like my purchases were needed to add some newness to my wardrobe. It’s been a very long time since I spent a legit, a-lot-to-me amount of money on clothes.

Since I’ve been working on being more careful with my purchases, I wanted to share what some of my NYC summer wardrobe is going to look like on my trip. My goal is to bring a capsule wardrobe (we’ll see, haha!) of new-to-me items that I can mix and match on this trip. I’m trying to challenge myself to look put together while staying comfy in hot weather. At home, I tend to resort to old gym shorts and a ratty tee. However, I’m trying to be more thoughtful on putting time into how I look. I know it sounds stupid, but I don’t want to get lazier the older I get.

Anyway, when I purchased some things for my NYC summer wardrobe, I wanted to be able to wear what I bought on weekends and at work too. I didn’t want any “special occasion” or “wear every once in awhile” items. Let’s get to it!

Linen dress

I came across this dress two weeks ago. My bestie needed to go to the bathroom on our way out from the mall and I decided to peruse the clearance section. Boy, am I glad I did! I came across this off-the-shoulder linen dress in white and red!

The funny part was that I was looking for a 100% linen dress for the trip and thought my shopping trip was a fail. And at the last stop of the trip (for a bathroom break), I found it for under $35! Winner winner, chicken dinner! 

Stripe top

I’m a huge sucker for stripes, so when I saw this sweater-like striped top, into my cart it went! Cost divided by times per wear is my motto. I can definitely see this with all kinds of bottoms so I was happy to have found it.

Stripes are so versatile and classic so I can’t wait to style it for weekends, events and as a layering piece in the fall! 

Lace Peplum Top

I got this lace tee in white this past spring and the price tag is already justified! I’ve paired this tee with shorts and jeans on weekends and with black trousers for work. If you’re debating on this tee, black is the only color left. And I can promise you that you’ll wear it more than you think! 

Boyfriend Denim Shorts (exact style is sold out)

I got these comfortable pair of denim shorts on sale earlier this summer. The wash and loose fit is perfect for the hot weather. I can’t wait to style it with a more feminine flair for the trip! Since my pair is sold out, here’s a similar pair of denim shorts if you’re looking for a boyfriend fit!

White denim shorts

I haven’t owned anything white denim since 2015 so it was nice to discover these cute white shorts for the trip! Once again with cost divided by times per wear, I can see these styled in so many ways, especially as part of my NYC summer wardrobe!

Straw tote

When it comes to bags, I’m very picky. I didn’t want a bag like everyone else’s (think Cult Gaia) nor did I want pom poms on it because it seems too kid-like.

When I found this straw tote, I thought it was perfect. Perfect size for running errands to meeting girlfriends for lunch or for vacation. The blush pink straps look sturdy enough to last for several seasons too! 

Castener wedges

I’ve been eyeing these wedges for over a year. For some reason, I hadn’t pulled the trigger…until I saw Lydia in them. I knew then that these would end up in my closet for sure now. That and I finally threw out my ten year-old pair during my closet purge so it was time to replace them anyway.

To me, these wedges are pretty pricey, but I decided to invest in a pair. I can’t wait to style them as a part of my NYC summer wardrobe! 

Pearl sandals

As much as I love my Steve Madden pearl slides, I wanted to buy a pair that I could wear to work. Since I have nude slides, I thought I’d go with a black pair with a bit of height for the office.

These pearl sandals caught my eye. And since they were on major sale from July 4th, I decided to nab a pair! I can’t wait to pair these slides with everything in my closet!

Tortoise sunglasses

When it comes to vacation, I have a hard time bringing expensive pairs of sunglasses with me. So I bought this $14 cat eye pair so if it’s lost or broken, I won’t be sad about it, ha!

Y necklace

I love the look of layered disc necklaces since last summer. However, $50 is not what I want to spend on a trendy necklace. I found this necklace on sale with an extra discount at the last minute. Let’s just say I can’t wait to wear it with every outfit!

I’m so looking forward to sharing my NYC summer wardrobe looks with you guys!

I’m also trying to see if I can find some linen shorts and trousers, a few more tops, a dress and a cute jumpsuit before the trip. But, I’m not holding my breath, haha! I did get this sliming one-piece swimsuit (under $70!) and this cute round beach towel (under $30) because my besties said to do it (even though I’m not a big water person). 


Wishing y’all a happy Monday!

Sorry I didn’t post last week. I was going to, but decided to take the week off from the blog to relax and enjoy my long holiday weekend. It was hard to not work, but my friends convinced me to have several days off. So, I stayed off the blog and social media (for the most part). We watched SO many movies, lit a few sparklers for 4th of July and slept a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though what we did screams “old adults” now, ha! 

Stay tuned because I have a small giveaway coming in a week!