What good are wings without the courage to fly.—Atticus

We’ve all had our moments where we hesitate to do something we know is right/good for us.

Think about it for a moment. Why do we stall? Procrastinate? Delay what we know we should be doing?

Whether it’s walking up to meet someone new, stepping on stage to speak/perform or taking that first step towards our dreams, we’ve all hesitated or hit a long-than-expected pause at one point or another.

I’ve had talks with friends about their goals and dreams over the years.

And what saddens me most (after learning how to become more confident myself) is that there are people so afraid to go after their goals that they act like it’s physically going to kill them.

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It breaks my heart when I see people, especially my friends, so paralyzed by their fears.

Personally, I’ve never felt paralyzed to a point where I’m not at least trying. However, I have hesitated whether for a moment or a short time period. Part of me also feels that a component of our fears depends on our experiences. Over time, we could’ve been told that we just “can’t do it” or have been criticized if we did do something, that it’s “not a good idea” and what stems from all these kinds of conversations is our own self-doubt.

Whatever negative words that were spoken to us over the years ended up making us feel inadequate. I mean, we hear it all the time from successful business leaders, celebrities, etc. They’ve all had someone not believe in them and definitely have had their fair share of naysayers. And even after their personal branding is successful, they’re still criticized when they try something new.

Now that you know that everyone deals with fear at some point in their life, I’m sure I know what you’re going to ask.

So what’s the answer to becoming more fearless, Huong?

ACTION, my friend. Action. Why?

Action cures fear.

It doesn’t matter if you believe fear is real or not. However big or small that action step you need to take may be, it will cure your fear for the moment.

I remember Shawn Mendes saying something in an interview once that resonated with me. “I always get nervous before I go on stage, but I’ve learned that’s a good thing because it means I care.” As I thought about it, what he said makes total sense, right?

Think about it.

When you’re launching a business or product, you’re so excited and nervous about it. The nervous part just means that you care about what you’re doing that you want it to go well!

Lastly, I leave you with this final thought.

Failure will inevitably happen so why focus on it? Focus on success instead!

Your time and energy will be well spent when you focus on success rather than failure. Share on X

We naturally pay attention to failure so why not work to focus on successful results? Now, I’m not saying that we can’t learn from our failures. We absolutely can. We just need use our failures to focus on achieving successful results rather than let it or the idea of failure paralyze us.

Note that I didn’t title this post “My #1 Tip for Being Fearless”. The reason why I titled it the way I did is because we experience fear every single day. I feel like we will always experience fear as we level up in life.

If you’re fearless, it probably means you’re a little too stagnant and need to do a self-audit on where you need to grow next.

Like Tony Robbins teaches, the key to happiness is growth and contribution.

If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

If you’re a young adult, let’s be real. You’ve already been jaded by life so sometimes, the easiest way to begin is to learn how to dream again.

I hope this post helps you in deciding to take the next step to becoming more fearless. Time will pass anyway and I promise you, one of the world feelings in the world is regret so just go for it!


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