Must-Have White Dresses For Spring & Summer

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Let us live like flowers. Wild and beautiful and drenched in sun. —Ellen Everett

If you’re looking for ivory/white dresses for special occasions or to change up your wardrobe/style a bit, but feel overwhelmed, I understand.

Hunting for a new dress is hard, especially if you’re picky AND have champagne taste, am I right?

With so many styles out there, I hope today’s edit will help as you hunt for the perfect white dress to add to your closet.

Whether you’re looking for white dresses for upcoming events or to treat yourself, here are some of the best of the best ivory and white dresses I’ve found to fit all your needs.

Must-Have White Dresses For Spring & Summer - She Sweats Diamonds - Asian blogger wearing white dress standing in front of grey wall


Unless the attire rule states differently, obviously wearing white to a wedding as a guest is a big no-no. If you’re a bride, these are the most stunning ivory/white dresses I’ve found for you and all wedding functions/events.

And if you’re part of the bridal party and you are to wear white/ivory, trust me and take a look at some of these dresses. To give you the most bang for your buck, I’ve only picked out dresses I feel like you can wear to other events in the future. All you have to worry about is the wedding gift.


I’m super picky when it comes to white lace dresses. Does it look good far away, but cheap up-close? That’s a no. What about how the lace is being used? Are the patterns unique? How about the cut of the dress? Is it interesting to a point where you feel like it’s a truly special dress? Here are some of my favorites and if you want the best of the best, I’d say Bronx and Banco and Needle & Thread are the best I’ve seen so far.


I’ve always hated the phrase, “Florals for spring? Ground-breaking!” and I’m pretty sure it’s why I own so few floral white dresses, ha! For me, I don’t want to feel all cutesy when I’m wearing floral patterns. Again, I’m picky. To me, floral dresses have to evoke class and femininity. And if the occasion calls for it, a bit of an edge.


I think mini dresses are easy to style. To me, I think any age can wear mini length dresses as long as they know the cardinal rule: once you’re 30, it’s time for mini to be knee-length. Oh, if you’re pulling your dress as you’re walking, it’s too short. I don’t care how young you are.


For me, midi-dresses are kind of tricky. I’m on the shorter end of the spectrum so the length has to hit me just right; otherwise, I’ll feel stumpy. These are a few of my favorites I’ve found this season along with some stunning maxi styles. Maxi dresses are easy to wear. Wear it alone, with a jacket, blazer, or a chambray top tied at the waist and you’re ready to go. Maxi dresses are a go-to for me for spring, but summer? You can forget about it. It’s too hot in Texas for that!


If you’ve been around here awhile, you know jumpsuits are my favorite next to dresses with pockets. To me, jumpsuits are easy if you’re pressed for time. Minimal accessories are needed and as soon as you put one on, you’re done. And depending on the event, top off your look with either a slick pony tail, a low chignon or sweep your hair up into a bun. Done and done!

What did you think of this edit? I hope this helps you with your search. May you find a dress that elevates your mood and can be used for many in-person events to come!

Any white dresses you would pick for the warm season?! Let me know in the comments!