Mountains versus Ladders

Mountains versus ladders. Which one would you climb? Most people would say climbing because climbing a ladder is easier. They’re right. However, that’s looking at it from a surface level.

In my opinion, when it comes to my dreams, I’d choose to climb mountains. Stick with me here.

Forget the ladder. Ladders are too easy and so many people are climbing them. Mountains on the other hand? They’re harder and much more fun. I mean who has ever had an awesome view climbing a ladder? (Totally laughed when I wrote this part, haha!) Think about it. When it comes to mountains versus ladders, ask yourself which will lead to the most beautiful view? Which will teach you more? Which is worth the climb?

Going after our dreams and goals is already difficult enough as it is with our own fear looming over our heads. You know what’s harder? Naysayers. I’m not talking about random strangers who tell you that you can’t do it. I’m talking about your very own friends and family who doubt you, your potential and what you’re doing. Let me tell you one thing: Don’t ever let anyone’s WORDS keep you from climbing that mountain. It’s words. If someone really wanted to stop you, they’d PHYSICALLY do it rather than tell you with words. Leave these kind of people behind.

Find people who are climbing mountains and go with them.

As for naysayers, shame on them for ever doubting someone else’s potential much less say it out loud to you! If they don’t want to climb the mountain, that’s their choice, but for those who are brave enough to do it, the least others can do is offer words of encouragement.

Those who call themselves family or friends to dreamers and hustlers: if you can’t support someone in their endeavors just because you’re terrified of doing it yourself, then don’t say anything at all!

And that’s today’s truthbomb!

Image via Stephanie Sterjovski