Mother’s Day: Moments With Mom

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Mother's Day: Moments With Mom | She Sweats Diamonds

Today’s post is in honor of moms, mamas, mommies, mothers who have gone on and mom figures around the world.

With Mother’s Day coming up, I wanted to dedicate this post to my grandma, my mom, and my best friend’s mom, Susie. Susie called herself “mom #2” when she’d leave me voicemails, so let’s call her that here on She Sweats Diamonds.

For those who know my momma, you’d know that she’s loves practical things, but for those who really know her, you’d know that she’s a beast in every way! This beautiful woman made three attempts to come to America from Vietnam (you should hear her AMAZING going-out-of-your-comfort-zone story!), walked miles to the nearest grocery store and work during hot Texas summer months (when she was pregnant with my brother and again when we were in middle school) when her car didn’t work and has put up with my brother and I for three decades!

Throughout my life, she has given me great advice about love, school, relationships, health/beauty and life and all have been proven true.

Today, I wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day by sharing some funny and wise words I’ve heard from my mom over the years:
  1. Get to know your future husband for a long time before you marry him. You have to know the intentions of his heart before you give him yours. (I sometimes think she says this because she wants me to delay marriage for as long as possible, lol!)
  2. Don’t be afraid. You never know what can happen when you’re brave. (Truth! She’s the definition of courage!)
  3. “Cherish your mom and dad. We won’t be around forever.” (I hate it when she says this because the thought of her not being around forever makes me sad, but she’s definitely got a point.)
  4. “Are you wearing sunscreen?” (She asks me this every time the sun is out – which in Texas is about 99.8% of the time. I know, I know. My future self will be thanking her!)
  5. Be nice to everyone no matter how mean they are to you. People remember those who are nice versus those who are mean to them. (My sweet grandma is a huge advocate of this way of living too.)
For grandma, her actions said it all:
  1. Love and forgive. (She drilled this into me and mom.)
  2. Family comes first. (Family is everything to her. I wish she lived closer.)
  3. Creativity runs in the family. (She, my aunt and family members made coats out of yarn we brought from the US. I still have my bright purple coat too!)
  4. Grocery shopping early gets you the good stuff. (She got up at 6am every morning to buy breakfast for my brother and I when we visited her almost 20 years ago.)
  5. Good health is happiness. (When she sends her best regards to my brother and I, she begins it with health every time.)
For mom #2, I wanted to share some advice and funny things she’s said over the years:
  1. If the store runs out of product that’s on sale, ask for a raincheck. (The very first thing she ever taught me when shopping!)
  2. ::Holds two walnuts in her hand:: “Aren’t these the biggest nuts you’ve ever seen?!” (My friends and I laughed. For a very long time. She was still oblivious to what she said.)
  3. “Let’s pray about it.” (She was a big prayer warrior. I firmly believe her prayers helped me through a lot of tough times.)
  4. Me: “Mom, why aren’t you going home?” Mom #2: “Nah, I want to pass my home to kill this one right here.” (There’s a reason why we called her “the black widow” when playing Wahoo, ha!)
  5. “If you need sheets or anything, don’t go to the store. Come to the house first because I’ll probably have it.” (From razor blades to bed sheets, she had it all!)

I’m pretty sure I can speak for all of us and say that our moms sure are wise! Mom, I love you! You mean more to me than words can say. I will always keep your wise words close to my heart and live it. Thank you for taking the time to take care of me, to be there for me and always making sure my fridge is stocked. I love you to the next galaxy and back! xo

Grandma, why you made mom come to the States was so brave of you. You let your daughter go so she could have a better life. I hate that you’re halfway across the world, but I’m so blessed and thankful you’re in my life. I love you so much, bà ngoại! xo

Mom #2, I miss you so much. What I would give to play one more game with you. It was hard losing you. You and mom were best friends. She misses you a lot. I sometimes wonder if that’s why she doesn’t go to Costco as much anymore. Sigh. Thank you for teaching me to not take life so seriously, to trust God through faith and prayer and for being my Skipbo partner. I love and miss you and will see you again someday! xo

Although I’m not a fan of Hallmark holidays, I wanted to honor my moms and grandma a few days before Mother’s Day. I’m so blessed to have amazing women in my life who really do sweat diamonds.

My mom worked too hard for me not to be GREAT. -Huong Vo Share on X
What do you have planned for Mother’s Day? What great advice has your momma given you that you’ve taken to heart? If your mom is gone, what are you doing to honor her?

Bottom image is my grandma at the airport when we were leaving after our two month stay. Middle picture is my mom on set of a photoshoot in Vietnam. The photographer loved her so much that he enlarged a few images from the shoot to display at the front of his shop. I mean, look at her. Her brow game was on point! The top photo is my mom holding a small toy. I love her smile here. Sidenote: I’ll update this post when I can get a few pictures of Rachie’s mom. 🙂