Stick to the things you really love. An honest room is always up to date. —Billy Baldwin

The last time I shared anything interior-related was last fall and I’m over here wondering why it’s taken me this long!

Despite the lengthy timeframe, I’m excited to bring back more home content for you (and for me). Any content regarding home interiors has brought me a sense of joy and peace lately.

Late last year, I read a daily devotion that made me evaluate the way I was living.

For many years, I’ve never truly settled in any one home. I moved from apartment to apartment and never really unpacked. At every place I ever lived, I always had several boxes I left unpacked.

I can say that one reason was that I didn’t have enough storage. Nor did I want to spend money on a cheap piece of furniture just to have a place to store my belongings since I knew it was temporary.

However, the more I thought about it, maybe it was because I knew I wasn’t going to live in any one place long enough to unpack.

That’s about to change.

As my goal is to live more intentionally, I’ve decided that my next place is going to be a place where I will be for a while before I purchase my first home.

That said, I want to be more intentional and actually live in my home. I want to organize it, decorate it, and create an actual home. I also want to share more home content with you not only to inspire you style-wise, but to inspire you to really live in your homes.

And the easiest way for me to be inspired? Putting together mood boards as inspiration strikes me.

My home decor style is a nice balance of modern transitional with feminine touches and a tiny bit of glam here and there.

If this is your style, stick around because I cannot wait to share more with you! Let’s dive in!

Here’s what I came up with for my neutral modern living room:

Mood Board - Modern Transitional Bedroom - She Sweats Diamonds - Huong Vo - taupe bed with gold legs - black and white nightstand with marble top - Venus Et Fleur reflexed roses - Ashmont nightstand

Let’s chat through each piece as I share my modern transitional bedroom mood board.

If you’re new around here, let me preface and say that I believe in slow decorating. To me, spending money on temporary substitutes only to turn around, get rid of them, and spend more money on what you really want is a waste of your time and hard-earned money. If you don’t get at least three to five years of use out of what you buy, it’s not conducive for your finances.

And if you’re like me and tend to change your mind often, it’s best to wait.

Create private Pinterest boards and pin everything you love. The goal is to get rid of that “decorating high” that you feel, but without spending money just yet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve deleted very old pins and thanked myself for not wasting my time and hard-earned money!

Also, note that your tastes will evolve over time and that not every living situation is permanent. Life happens so where you live may change when you least expect it. And until you’re really sure of where/how you want to live, take time on gathering sentimental items you’d want to display in your future home instead. This will help you get a strong idea of your personal home decor style too.

That said, I’m choosing to slowly invest in the following pieces for my neutral and feminine modern transitional bedroom:


I love that this Andes bed is so customizable! Not only can you choose the color and fabric, but you can select how tall you want your headboard and what color you want for the legs of your bed.

If you know me, you know I chose a neutral color. And means that you can use nearly any bedding color. Having a neutral foundation will work with seasonal decor throughout the year or if you just want a refresh on a whim. I LOVE the gold legs for a touch of glam!


After having open-shelf nightstands for several years, I’ve found that dusting them gets very old. It’s also not beneficial for those who have asthma/can’t be around dust due to allergies either.

That’s why this Ashmont Nightstand is a DREAM! A chic and modern nightstand to hide all my bedside belongings and one that lessens my dusting duties too? Yes, please.


I’ve had the 5×7 size of this rug in a deep blue for over five years now and still love it so much! The quality is fantastic and even though it may be worn down a bit, the color on my current rug has not faded at all!

As I’m all about neutrals now, I plan on using this rug again in my home, just in a different color.

To anchor any monochromatic-themed room, add a rug. And even better if there’s some texture. I’m going for this Indochine rug in the sand color. Now, the hard decision is if should I use it in my bedroom or living room, ha!


If any bedroom is big enough to have extra seating, this tufted full swivel chair would be my top pick!

This chair is customizable as well. With 18 leather/fabrics and three base finishes: black, polished stainless steel, or a brushed brass/gold to choose from, nothing can go wrong.


I’m SO picky when it comes to lampshades. This polar white table lamp is sleek and I love that the lampshade has a touch of modern vibes.

While it may not be the final lamp I end up going with, this one definitely gives me some ideas.

If you’re on the market for a lamp for your bedroom, make sure to follow a few rules for bedside lamps.


I’m the type to need a tissue box by my bed. And no matter how much companies try to make their boxes look pretty, I’ll always need a cover.

I currently have a brass one, but am looking to add some texture. This faux leather tissue box cover comes in over a dozen colors to fit your decor color scheme. I think the grey will work!


One thing I want to do more of at my new place is to hang up pictures and art work.

I’m a huge fan of textured pieces so you know I will love this hand-painted piece of artwork!


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love, love, love flowers! If you have a flower budget like I do, but want to save money, why not invest in eternity roses from a reputable brand like Venus Et Fleur?

I know, it’s pricey. However, if you’re already spending $20/bouquet on a weekly basis, why not? You’ll be spending $10/bouquet instead if you go with these roses! And in some cases, I’ve heard from other influencers that they last longer than a year!

My favorite right now is their mixed orchids in seashell and their reflexed roses in dusty rose.

I hope you enjoyed getting a peek at my home decor style and what’s to come for my modern transitional bedroom room plans!

What’s your favorite piece from this neutral modern transitional bedroom mood board?

If you want to shop these pieces, just click on any item in the image below!


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