As we evolve, our homes should too. —Suzanne Tucker

They say that as you age, you know you’re finally an adult when you get excited about the little things in life.

For me, anything that has to do with home and home decor gets me so giddy. There’s just something about making a house or in my case, an apartment, a home.

As I said in my last home article, I’ve never truly settled in any one home.

Even living in nearly a dozen apartments, I’ve never made any place a true home.

After I finished a devotional last year, I realized I was coasting rather than truly living. Right then and there, I decided that at my next place, I’d truly live and live well.

And one of the things I’m most excited about having is a powder room.

Considering it’s near the front entrance, I cannot wait for guests to see it because it’ll make the “first impression” for the rest of my apartment.

Since my home decor style is a balance of modern transitional with feminine touches and a tiny bit of glam here and there, I thought I’d add some small things to the powder room to dress it up a bit.

Here’s what I came up with for my modern powder room:

Mood Board - Modern Powder Room - She Sweats Diamonds - Huong Vo - black bathroom towels - reed diffuser - quartz tray - black tissue box cover

Let’s chat through each piece as I share my modern powder room.

If you’re new here, let me preface and say that I believe in slow decorating. To me, spending money on temporary substitutes only to turn around, get rid of them, and spend more money on what you really want is a waste of your time and hard-earned money. If you don’t get at least three to five years of use out of what you buy, it’s not conducive for your finances.

And if you’re like me and tend to change your mind often, it’s best to wait.

Create private Pinterest boards and pin everything you love. The goal is to get rid of that “decorating high” that you feel, but without spending money just yet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve deleted very old pins and thanked myself for not wasting my time and hard-earned money!

Also, note that your tastes will evolve over time and that not every living situation is permanent. Life happens so where you live may change when you least expect it. And until you’re really sure of where/how you want to live, take time on gathering sentimental items you’d want to display in your future home instead. This will help you get a strong idea of your personal home decor style too.

That said, I’m choosing to slowly invest in the following pieces for my neutral and feminine modern powder room:


An easy way to add a personal touch to any powder room is by adding art. I love that this acrylic picture frame is magnetic. You can use your own photography or change out unique art seasonally as it’s so easy to use. There is a reason why there are over 600+ five-star reviews!

Tip: use velcro command strips so you can hang it on your wall instead of putting it on a shelf!


Using a (faux) leather tissue box cover is quite possibly the most inexpensive way to add a luxe touch to something you know people will use and it’s for under $20!


I purchased the brass double towel bar for my mom’s master bathroom and it’s extremely high quality! Can you imagine this in your powder room?


Hear me out. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on hand soap and hand lotion. What you can do is spend it one time. Take your time using boujee hand soap and lotion then reuse the dispensers with inexpensive soap! I’m a huge fan of glass soap dispensers so you can bet once I purchase this set that I’ll be recycling these glass bottles until Jesus’ return!


If you’re around here long enough, you guys know I’m a big Venus et Fleur fan.

While most people have orchids in their bathrooms, I prefer roses for a luxury vibe for my powder room. While these roses are pricey, let’s do some math. If you were to purchase flowers on a weekly basis at $20 a bouquet, that’s a little over $1,000 a year. Crazy, right?!

Well, these come out to less than $5/a week and they last a year! To me, this kind of “investment” is truly winning in life!


Since a powder room doesn’t have a shower or bathtub, it doesn’t make any sense to have a candle. The answer? A home fragrance diffuser. Not all diffusers are made the same so do some research and read reviews before you invest in one.

When I’m ready, I’ll purchase this diffuser because I love the style. After the concentrate is used up, I want to research how to make a homemade scent (or buy a less expensive one) and go from there!


If your sink is big enough, use a tray underneath your hand soap to catch any spills. If it’s not, you can style this pink onyx marble tray on a shelf to store things guests might need.

This one also comes in green so whatever your color preference, it adds a small pop of color if your powder room is white (like it is in most apartments).


Last, but not least, adding some black hand towels modernizes the powder room. For some reason, whether it’s a pillow, vase, blanket, or candle, black just brings a room up to date. Why not use black in your powder room? Can you imagine this on the brass towel ring I mentioned earlier? So good.

I hope you enjoyed seeing more of my home decor style and what’s to come for my modern powder room plans!

What’s your favorite piece from this feminine and modern powder room mood board?

If you want to shop these pieces, just click on any item in the image below!