If winter has the courage to turn into fall, who says I can’t bloom the same? —S.R.W.

On this extremely cold (it’s 26°F, but feels like 14°F!) Monday, I wanted to share with you my Monday Mood.

And of course, it from none other than one of my favorite new-to-me Instagram accounts: Sarah Lisa Sachtleben. Her feed has been giving me some major inspiration lately.

The mood she captured in this picture is amazing so I had to share her image with you!

And this brings me to my next thought.

Monday Mood | She Sweats Diamonds
Image via Sarah Lisa Sachtleben

I’ve been inconsistent with my blog articles and social media for the last several months because of my day job. I’ve been working long hours, hitting the gym, coming home to shower and then collapse in bed.

However, just because you haven’t heard from me lately doesn’t mean I’m not getting inspired behind the scenes. Sarah’s work is just a few things that have inspired me. Even though I’ve been working like crazy at my day job, my mind has been racing in every direction.

I’ve been focusing on working on my brand, what I want the vibes of She Sweats Diamonds to be and the overall direction of where I want the SSD story to go. 

Although life has been busy, my Monday Mood article today is one full of excitement for the future. I’ve been blessed to be inspired from various avenues that have crossed my path these last two months. If you could only see into my mind and see everything I’ve stored away for the future!

I’m so thankful to brainstorm endless ideas for content to elevate your experience and serve you all while challenging myself to push the envelope and be more creative.