“Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.” — Christina Scalise

One major thing I do during the fall is purge and organize my home for the super busy upcoming holiday season.

Over the summer, I organized my fridge with acrylic drawers and containers to reduce chaos and create a better flow.

I loved the changes so much that I planned to do it again in the fall. And now that fall is here and I have more time, I’m going to organize the rest of my kitchen and pantry.

Considering I bake a lot for family and friends during the holidays, my goal is to purge my pantry and kitchen and get it organized as much as possible before the holidays arrive.

I’m excited to share with you some kitchen and pantry organization ideas that have worked for me.

Here are my modern kitchen organization products I already own/plan to own:

Modern Kitchen Organization - She Sweats Diamonds - marble and brass tier server - black pantry baskets - food storage containers - modern spice labelsGLASS FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS

Plastic storage containers tend to take on stains from foods which is a pet peeve of mine. For me, I love glass containers as they’re healthier to store food, don’t stain and are much easier to clean.

Graduate to glass food storage containers if you’re looking for a higher level of living. This glass food container set is in the middle of my priority list as I already have a small set.


If you live in a city apartment like I do, you’ll have a standard fridge that won’t have enough height to store wine bottles upright.

I got tired of having to shift my wine around when putting away groceries. The solution for me was this acrylic wine holder. Instead of wine bottles rolling around, they were tucked away in a top corner and increased storage in the fridge. I also didn’t have to worry about the possibility of breaking any glass things if I added more groceries or food containers.


If you want more function, add a few clear divided fridge drawers because if you can see it, you will use it. If you use it, no more trashing food and wasting money!

I bought two and it automatically added functionality. I personally use mine to storage things like sauce packets, guacamole singles, cheese snacks, etc.


This marble utensil holder is spacious enough to hold about a dozen utensils and then some.

I’ve owned this marble utensil holder for over five years and it still looks new! I can’t say enough good things about it.


I own several of these black baskets and love them so much! They are very high-quality and I use them to organize snacks and dried goods like pastas and rice.

I bought them in 2020 to organize my pantry and am slowly adding more when there’s a coupon or sale as they are no longer that high of a priority on my kitchen must-haves list.


Right now, I stack my plates and bowls of different sizes inside one another to save space. So when I came across these sliding baskets, I immediately put it on my wishlist. I know it will help increase storage, but also keep my kitchen cabinets organized better.

These metal sliding baskets are also in the top middle of my priority list.


I own several of these super affordable glass oil bottles and they’re much more beautiful in person! If you prefer to display your oils on your kitchen counter top, these are a great and affordable option.

And if you want to increase counter space, put your coffee syrups in a few of these bottles and they’d be just stunning with this marble and brass tiered stand.


I’m not a fan of tiered storage so this acrylic lazy Susan is a game-changer. Getting what I need without knocking other products over while cooking is such a relief. In the past, I’d have spills while cooking and obviously, it wasn’t conducive at all.

I have three (no shame whatsoever, lol!), one for oils and marinades, one for medication, and one for coffee supplies.


Fruit left out on the counter looks like it was forgotten after putting away the groceries. When using a fruit bowl, it looks like you’re intentionally leaving out healthy snacks for yourself and guests. And obviously, it looks more aesthetically pleasing.

This marble fruit bowl has been on my wish list for years. However, it’s been on the lower end of my list as I had higher priorities such as a blender, coffee machine, etc. I can’t wait to display fruits and vegetables for a hot minute before cooking/baking with or eating them, ha!


I wanted to get a baking storage containers that wasn’t the typical OXO set for one of my best friends for his birthday. Since he loves baking and cooking, I thought he would love getting this set as his housewarming gift.

He reported back and said that his brown sugar stayed soft (which never happens) so if it can pass the test with him, you can bet this set is on my wishlist too!


I was tired of having mix-matched spice jars so when I found these modern spice labels in 2019, I put it on my wishlist. And when I moved in 2020, I immediately bought them and these spice jars.

They are water and oil resistant and not only look absolutely beautiful in my spice drawer, but spices are so much easier to find. Yes, I alphabetize my most used spices, ha!

Modern Kitchen Organization - She Sweats Diamonds - kitchen drawer - modern spice jars - modern spice labels


Speaking of wish lists, this beautiful tiered stand has been on my wishlist for several years now. Obviously, with other financial priorities, this is still on my kitchen wish list.

When I get one, I can’t decide if I want to use it to organize my coffee station or display my fragrance collection, it’s so pretty!

It’s no secret love home interiors and decor. And part of home interiors is organizing. I hope this article inspires you to tackle your kitchen or at the very least, organize your refrigerator or pantry.

I know these kitchen must-haves have personally has helped me make day-to-day cooking much easier!

What items do you own that helps you organize your kitchen?


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